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Vegas 2014: Waking up in Vegas…at 5:30 AM

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

Hey kids,

Before I get too far today I think I need to give you all a reminder of the purpose of the Vegas trip.  It was a combination of a celebration of my 50th birthday (albeit five months early) and with my 25 wedding anniversary in mind, to also give me the bachelor party I never had.  As I may have mentioned several people were invited and said they would go, but in the end it was just me, Bill & Willy.  Since Willy is only 19 and cannot go to a Vegas Gentlemen’s Club and Bill was not comfortable leaving him alone in Vegas (can’t say that I blame him) it turned out to be a bachelor party for one at a place called Sapphire.  But that was Monday night and I had a whole day in front of me.

My first morning in Vegas I woke up at 5:30 AM with Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” running through my head on an endless loop.  I had the blackout shades down and it was a good thing I did because it was already sunny outside.  I tossed and turned in an attempt to get back to sleep, but ultimately I was up by 7:00 AM.  I raised the shades and saw it was a beautiful, cloud free morning.  Since Bill & Willy’s plane would not arrive until 9:00 and it would likely be 10:00 by the time they got settled in the hotel I decided to do a little morning exploring.  Before that I needed to make a decision on which of the two showers in the bathroom to use and once that was done I went downstairs.

The casino was fairly quiet.  There were a few people sitting at the slots that appeared to have been there all night and only a couple of the tables had anyone at them.  Once again I was lost so it took me a while to find my way to a place where I could find breakfast.  As I passed the Ka theatre I was reminded that I needed to pick up my tickets for Tuesday night’s show, but the box office was closed so I figured I’d come back in a bit.  I eventually found my way to the Stage Deli and enjoyed a delicious bacon, egg & cheese bagel and an orange juice for my breakfast.  I had a big lunch planned so I did not want to overdo it.  I want to say something about the staff at the Stage Deli; in the morning they are really nice and friendly, however, when you go there after midnight to get a corned beef & pastrami sandwich (pastrami is the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats) they are not in such a good mood.



After I finished eating I walked out the side exit not knowing exactly where I’d end up.  It was an alley and just a few steps from The Strip.  I took a left and walked towards Las Vegas Blvd and there it was; The Strip in all its glory.  Even on this gorgeous 68 degree morning it looked amazing.  It was a bit smaller in person than what I expected though.  I began taking pictures immediately.  The streets were almost empty that morning (and every morning) so it was very easy to take a leisurely walk.  I must have taken at least 75 pictures in a very short amount of time.

I decided to walk on one side of the street going and on the other coming back.  I found our lunch spot, Twin Peaks, down by Planet Hollywood, and another restaurant I wanted to try, Holsteins, in the Cosmopolitan.  I walked as far as the Bellagio and then checked the time.  I wanted to be back to meet Bill & Willy so I decided that would be a great place to turn around.  I found that the sky bridges were not only an excellent way to cross the streets, but also a great place to get some photos.  When I got back to the MGM I picked up my Ka tickets and texted Bill to see if they had made it yet.  They were in line to check in so I went to see them.

The line at check in was very long, but by the time I got there they were already checking in with a guy that was not nearly as attractive as the Asian girl that checked me in the night before.  After the hugs and greetings we went to put their luggage in their room.  We chatted for a bit and then went to my suite so they could check it out and compare it to their room.  Again, we sat and talked because it had been a while since we had all been together, but it was eventually decided that they needed food since they were still on Indiana time and it was well past lunch for them.  That, and the fact that they went to the airport at 3 AM or so, led to the increased hunger.  I asked what they wanted for lunch and they reminded me that it was my celebration and they would do whatever I wanted so it was off to Twin Peaks for lunch.

I saw some nice racks...(Amber to my left)

I saw some nice racks…(Amber to my left)

The sidewalks were a little busier now, but the walk was short so we were there in no time.  It was not busy yet and we were quickly seated and met by a gorgeous blonde named Amber.  Amber had recently moved to Vegas from Michigan and she was very nice.  She told us she was working three jobs right now, which seemed a bit excessive, but one has to do what is necessary to survive.  We ordered some wings for an appetizer while Bill told her all about why we were there.  She thought it was all very cool and had me pose with the “nice rack” to celebrate my five month early birthday.  As I sat there I wondered where else she was working.  Could it be possible that she’d be working at Sapphire?  (Please, please, please)  So I asked and she told me she was a cart girl at a golf course and she also did some promotional modeling.  Well, I tried.

After a delicious grilled chicken sandwich & fire fries for lunch and plenty of photo opportunities with the lovely ladies of Twin Peaks we started to make our way back to the hotel.  We stopped at several shops along the way so Bill & Willy could look at some items and I do believe they made one or two purchases.  They were tired though and wanted to get some rest so we eventually parted ways for the afternoon with plans to meet up for dinner.  I wondered if I’d be hungry again after such a huge lunch.  Spoiler alert: I was.

I had a few hours to myself in the afternoon while they rested so I decided to make my way to the pool.  That was yet another great decision, although it took me a while to find it since I got lost once again.  I was determined to figure this place out before I checked out on Friday.

Me in Vegas!!!

Me in Vegas!!!

The Grand Pool was awesome.  There were several pools plus a lazy river and a waterfall.  It was fairly busy that afternoon, but luckily I found a spot next a very attractive young woman sunbathing in a bikini.  I set my towels down and wandered around snapping a few photos.  Then I hit the water.  The pool temperature was perfect.  Since it had been such a chilly morning I had expected it to be either cold or heated way too much, but praise to the pool people at the Grand Pool for their efficiency.  I floated around for a while and then made my way back to my chair in an attempt to read.  With that many beautiful women in bikinis wandering around reading became a very difficult task.  So I just sat there and relaxed for a bit and then went back in the pool.  I stayed for about two hours or so and then made my way back to my room.  Again, not a particularly easy thing to do as I once again got turned around.

Bill had given me a gift for my five month early birthday: a VIP package at Sapphire.  I would get free transportation to Sapphire, no cover, a $50 drink card as well as a reserved table right by the stage.  A lovely gift that I could not thank Bill enough for.  When I got back to the suite I received a call from a girl named Desiree at Sapphire to arrange my pickup.  She asked when I’d like to be picked up and I said 7:30 PM.  She said to be out front by 7:25 PM and the driver would call when he was close.  Great.  I then got myself ready for dinner by trying out the other shower in the bathroom.  I liked the other one better.

We had passed a Mexican restaurant called El Diablo Cantina and the reviews online were mostly positive so we decided to give it a try.  I had the Jalapeno Chicken Tacos and I have to say that they were very good.  Not fantastic, but very good.  The rice and beans were also very good.  Our waiter was very nice and he kept my water glass well filled.  This was the Mojave Desert after all and all that dry air was playing havoc on me.  The Cantina was very nice, if a bit loud, but this was Vegas so no complaints.

The Grand Pool

The Grand Pool

I knew I’d get messy at dinner so I wisely did not get dressed for the evening until afterwards.   All quality Gentlemen’s Clubs have a dress code and Sapphire was no different.  Slacks and a collared shirt were required.  I really did not mind since I would finally be getting that long awaited bachelor party.  I will reiterate that I did have a rather lame bachelor party, but since there were no strippers involved it did not count as one in my opinion.  In my humble opinion a stripper is a requirement at all legitimate bachelor parties.

Bill & Willy met me downstairs and took a photo of me getting into the car with Lou, the driver.  Lou was nice and friendly and I enjoyed speaking with him, even if it was for just a short time.  We got to Sapphire and he brought me inside.  The place was nondescript on the outside, but a palace inside.

Unfortunately for you readers this is where the story must end.  What happens in Vegas must stay in Vegas, especially when it comes to going in a strip club.  To share the details would be betraying the trust of the beautiful ladies inside as well as the other guests.  I will tell you that I had a spectacular time.  The Bachelor Party for One was a complete success.  I loved it and now I can move on.

Jalapeno Chicken Tacos

Jalapeno Chicken Tacos

There was no service back to my hotel, or any hotel, from Sapphire.  Apparently they made a deal with the cab companies to take everyone back rather than providing their own transportation.  There was a cab line outside and the guy at the front door called one over for me.  I got a ride from a very pleasant man from Bulgaria named Vasil.  He was very nice and we had a very pleasant conversation as well.  It was not a long drive to the MGM Grand so the fare was not much.  I paid Vasil and gave him a nice tip because he was so friendly.  He even let me sit up front with him instead of making me sit in the back.
I was not hungry, but again very thirsty so I went to the food court, got myself a beverage and headed back upstairs.  I got myself ready for bed and fell asleep watching Sportscenter.  Monday had been an incredibly fun day, but would Tuesday be better, worse or just as good?  Stay tuned.




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