Posted by: lylescott89 | December 1, 2014

I Bought Eggs on Black Friday

Look, it's Walgreens!

Look, it’s Walgreens!

Hey kids,

I really want to write all about my Thanksgiving Day, but I feel the need to share another story first.  This actually happened the day after Thanksgiving; the day that has become known as Black Friday.

As my avid readers already know I despise Black Friday and all that it stands for.  I refuse to shop on that day and I will never shop on Thanksgiving.  On this particular Friday I was headed to the gym to work off a little bit of the feast I had the day before when I was asked to walk next door to Walgreens after my workout and pick up a dozen eggs.  I figured that getting some eggs was not a big deal and in no way counted as going out Black Friday shopping so I agreed to do so.  I am so glad I did because this really happened.

My workout was exceptional for several reasons.  I had not worked out for two days so it was nice to get all gross and sweaty plus there was all that food I had eaten the previous day that was not on my diet.  When I finished I walked over to Walgreens (about 50 feet away if that) and grabbed a dozen eggs.

There were two lines open to checkout; one was backed up with several people that all had an abundance of stuff in their carts.  The other line near the cosmetics had just one elderly woman so I got in line behind her.  I was hot, sweaty and in desperate need of a shower so I just wanted to buy the eggs and go home.  It was not meant to be that easy.  You see the old woman was having some issues.  She had only purchased a few items, but she had coupons and was having a difficult time tearing them out.  I put down my eggs and offered to help her.  She handed me the coupons and told me that with her arthritis it was not easy to tear them.  I got them out for her and handed them to the cashier, a very nice young guy named Clarence.  I honestly had no idea that there were still people named Clarence and it is quite possible he just decided to take the name of a beloved holiday character, but either way he was nice and smiled at me as I handed him his coupons.  The old woman thanked me and called me Sonny.

Then he told the woman the amount due and she began taking change out of her purse.  I could have gotten angry watching her count out the change, but I felt a bit of sadness.  I knew she needed help so I asked if she wanted me to help her count out her change.  She said that would be fine and dumped all of her change on the counter.  In just a few minutes we had gathered up all we needed and paid Clarence.  He handed her the bags and she struggled to get them off the counter.  I volunteered to assist her with her bags after I paid for my eggs and this time she declined my offer.  She said that her doctor said it was good for her to do as many things for herself as she could.  I said okay and she then wished me a happy holiday season.  Instead of getting all flustered and yelling and screaming like some tea bagger idiot or someone that watches fox “news”  that I demanded a Merry Christmas I said thank you and wished her the same.

After she left Clarence told me that the woman comes into the store all the time and always pays with change.  I apologized to Clarence for my sweatiness and he said it was no big deal.  Apparently it is very common for sweaty people to go to this particular Walgreens.  I paid for my eggs, said thank you and headed to the car.  I saw the old woman putting the bags in her car and again offered assistance, but she said she had it all under control.

Hire me please!

Hire me please!

I share this story with you kids because it is always important to remember that we have no idea what anyone else is going through or what anyone else’s journey may be.  Why does she always pay with change?  Does it matter?  I was tired and wanted to go home with my eggs, but would getting upset with her have made any difference at all?  Of course not.  It is how you treat people in this world that matters, not how many gifts you trample others for on a November Friday.  Most of those gifts will be returned on the 26th of December anyway.  My wish for you this holiday season is just be nice to each other.  And to hire me for a photography session.



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