Posted by: lylescott89 | December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Kids!

Let it Go

Let it Go

Hey Kids,

As the year comes to a close I wanted to give a final tally to my 50 for 50 list.  I achieved many, but not all and that is okay.  It is okay because despite the fact that I did not do them all in 2014 I can try again in 2015.  So here is how it all panned out.

1. Go to Vegas.  Yes
2. See Amy Schumer perform live. Yes
3. Spend a week in a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Yes
4. Go out to dinner at least once a month with Ann & David.  More if possible. Yes
5. Spend a day at my fantasy career: photographing a Hooters swimsuit model.  No,  Damn it!
6. Wear each of the t-shirts I own at least once. Yes, although some did not fit particularly well.
7. Exercise at least three times a week.  Yes, shockingly.
8. Spend four hours eating at a Chinese buffet.  Almost
9. Find a new job where I am can use my skills, am appreciated, paid a decent wage and not working with the stupidest people on the planet like I am now.  Yes and no.  I am still at the heinous job until 3/5/2015 at which time my career as a professional photographer will be my full time job.  Yay me!
10. Finally go to Square One Burgers.  Yes

Star Tours

Star Tours

11. Read at least one more book than I read last year.  Not even close.
12. Interview a celebrity for my blog. No, but not for a lack of trying.  Even D-listers failed to respond to my requests.
13. Attend at least one more Rays game than I did last season.  Yes
14. Buy a sandwich and give it to the homeless guy that hangs out near my office.  No, but I gave him a gift card to McDonald’s.  
15. Take a ride in a limousine.  No.  Really thought this would happen in Vegas, but I got picked up in a big-ass SUV instead.  
16. More pedicures.  I had zero so that would be a no.
17. Figure out a way to get up each morning and go to work without dreading it or breaking into tears.  Almost.
18. Take Donna someplace nice and relaxing to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes
19. Stay awake for an entire meeting at work.  Yes
20. Spend an entire day doing nothing except playing video games with Adam.  We tried.  
21. Watch all the Harry Potter films in order. No
22. Watch all the Star Wars films in order. No

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

23. Finish writing my book. No
24. Finish doing my taxes. Yes
25. Go out of town for Thanksgiving. Yes
26. Hug Adam at least once per day and try to get past the fact that he is growing up. Yes
27. Go out to dinner carrying a stuffed bear and see how people react. Yes
28. Be more consistent with my blog entries. I don’t think so.
29. Attempt to watch an entire baseball game on TV without Donna coming into the room and asking do you want to watch something?” Yes
30. Build something with Lego bricks other than a rectangular house with no windows or doors. No
31. Clean my car at least once. Yes
32. Get a new car.  I have been driving the same car for 14 years now.  I think I deserve something newer. Yes
33. Respond to emails in a much timelier manner. Yes
34. Dine at Hooters at least once per month. Yes
35. Somehow, someway, get to Twin Peaks at least two times this year. Yes, four!
36. Go to WDW and ride the monorail back and forth between Epcot & the TTC for about an hour.  Then go get ice cream.  Yes
37. Do a photo tour of my hometown of Sarasota much like the photo tour I did in Tampa and then go to El Adobe for dinner. No
38. I think a photo tour of downtown St Petersburg would be a good idea too. No
39. Play mini-golf and then declare myself the world champion of putt-putt.  Yes
40. Finish up all those find the object games I have on my computer.  Yes
41. Go to the beach one morning and perform some phony Tai Chi.  No
42. I need to clean out my closets and get rid of old junk that I have been keeping for unknown reasons. Yes
43. Same goes for the garage. Yes
44. I want to walk across that new pedestrian bridge they built by the causeway.  No
45. Get rid of the vast majority of VHS tapes I have.  I never watch them and I don’t have room for them.  If you want any of them please let me know. Yes

Santa's Elf

Santa’s Elf

46. Attempt and complete a food challenge. Yes
47. Take a long, contemplative walk on the beach. No
48. See my sister Lyssa at least once. Yes
49. Call my Aunt Naomi and remind her that she is my favorite aunt and that I love her very much. Yes
50. Rescue a dog. Yes, technically.  I did not bring one home, but I did help a dog get untangled from a leash.

So there you have it kids.  I still have things to do, but most importantly I need to grow my business.  Please check out my website and like my Facebook page, but most of all please hire me for your next photo session.  My prices are very reasonable.  Thanks!



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