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Be Our Guest

The Beast's CastleHey kids,

There are times when I have a meal that is so good that I have to shout about it to the world. That was part of the reason I, along with two others, created the TV & Burgers blog. That experiment has unfortunately gone by the wayside, but we are not here to lament its passing. No we are here to sing the praises of the Be Our Guest Restaurant located in the New Fantasyland area of the Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

I had made the reservation for myself and my friend Brad several months ago and on Sunday the day had finally arrived. I’m not sure why, but I was prepared to be disappointed. I had built it up so much in my head that I did not think it could meet my expectations. Boy was I wrong. As is generally the best way to handle things we shall start at the beginning.

We arrived at the reservation station and after a brief wait I gave the Cast Member my name. He had this little tablet andThe Mural was frantically tapping it with the stylus. He found my reservation rather quickly and I really have no idea what all the tapping was about, but I’ll be darned if it was not amusing. After about a minute of furious tapping he let out a sigh, handed me a pager and told me to wait on the bridge and take it to the Gatekeeper as soon as it buzzed. The Gatekeeper? Seriously? He said yes and was apparently immune to why I was amused.

I knew I was supposed to wait on the bridge, but the inner me would not allow that to happen until after I spoke to the Gatekeeper. I walked up to her and asked the question “are you the Gatekeeper?” She said yes and I identified myself as the Keymaster. She laughed and by this point the pager was going off so she told us to stand to the right of the castle doors. We did and in just a few seconds a nice young girl named Sara came out and, as expected, totally butchered my name. I’m 50 so I am very used to this by now. Regardless the fun was just beginning.

The castle doors slowly opened and Sara escorted us inside. She spoke of several items to take notice of and took us through the ballroom where she reminded us that it was the location where Belle and the Beast first danced. Off to the left was the West Wing where the Enchanted Rose was kept and to the right was the Rose Gallery which was filled with several portraits and tapestries as well as a large music box of Belle and the Beast dancing. Sara made sure we were aware that the music box was made by Maurice as a gift. We were seated and Sara let us know that The Master of the House was nearby and would be stopping in. I have to admit that at this time I started singing “Master of the house, doling out the charm, ready with a handshake and an open palm…yada, yada, yada”. Sara asked that if we wanted to explore the other areas of the castle that we please wait until after dinner to do so. We did.

Rose NapkinIn front of me was a red napkin folded tightly into the shape of a rose. It was very pretty and I had no idea how they did it. Disney magic I suppose. Our waiter, Carlos, came over to greet us. Carlos was very pleasant and he reminded us that Be Our Guest was the only place in the Magic Kingdom to serve beer and wine. I went wild and ordered and iced tea. Brad went with a beer of some sort. I’d never heard of it, but does this surprise anyone? Carlos also made some recommendations for appetizers before setting off to get the beverages.

I want to take just a moment out of the story here to say that yes, Be Our Guest is a very expensive restaurant. This should not come as a surprise as it is inside Walt Disney World and it is very elaborate. I did not know if this would be my one and only visit so before I went in I had decided I would go all out and get an appetizer, main course and dessert as well as a lovely beverage. To be totally honest, the bill was actually less than what I anticipated despite the fact that they do not offer a passholder discount or a former Cast Member discount. Actually no place I have ever dined at Disney has ever offered me a former Cast Member discount except for the Restaurantasaurus in the Animal Kingdom and I didn’t even ask for it there. She just saw my old ID in my wallet and gave me the discount no questions asked. Okay back to our regularly scheduled program…Music Box

The music box was constantly playing tunes from Beauty and the Beast and it was pleasantly soothing. However we heard some loud music coming from the other room and wondered what the fuss was. I incorrectly guessed that it was someone’s birthday, but in actuality it was the Beast making his appearances. He made his way into the Gallery, gave a quick wave and walked back out. That was it? I started laughing and was hoping he’d make another appearance later. (Spoiler Alert: He did) I Asked Carlos if Belle was going to be in and he said no as she was busy at the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction. Ah yes. Then I asked Carlos why the Beast was in full Beast mode since at the end of the film he reverted back to human form. Carlos quickly explained that he has been given the ability to transform back and forth at any time. Carlos had an answer for everything. Carlos dropped off the beverages and fresh baguettes with a plate of butter made with sea salt. As one would expect from baguettes in a French restaurant they were delicious.

French Onion SoupI had been told (by Carlos) that the French Onion soup was exceptional. Since I am a huge fan of French Onion soup, particularly the gruyere cheese on top, I ordered it. I have to also mention that throughout dinner other servers kept wheeling the dessert cart passed us. This was very tempting, but all in good time. The soup was served by another server whose name I have since forgotten and the aroma was divine. However the aroma was nothing compared to the taste. First of all the soup was served at what appeared to be the perfect temperature. Second the cheese was nice and bubbly and perfectly baked on the top. Occasionally you will find a French Onion soup that is heavy on the salt, but that was not the case. I would gladly pay $7.99 again for soup this good.

With the appetizers out of the way Carlos returned to take our order for dinner. Carlos suggested the top three items on the right side of the menu, stating they were all wonderful. Steak, shrimp & scallops and pork were the first three he suggested. Well I do not eat seafood and I was totally in the mood for pork so I went with the Braised Pork (Coq au Vin Style) an eight-hour slow-cooked pork with mushrooms, onions, carrots and bacon served with pureed cauliflower and seasonal vegetables (asparagus) for $23.49. I know that some of you are shocked at this moment because I despise both mushrooms and cauliflower. I decided to take a chance and made no changes. I figured the mushrooms were on top andBraised Pork easily picked off so why make a fuss. From the first bite of the pork I was in hog heaven. (Sorry) The pork was seasoned perfectly and no knife was needed as it was as tender as it possibly could be. The asparagus was so delicious that I gobbled them up almost immediately. I took a moment and looked at the pureed cauliflower and wondered if it really was mashed potatoes instead. Well it was not mashed potatoes, but I am not completely sure it was cauliflower because I had never had cauliflower that tasted like that. It was astoundingly delicious and when paired with the pork it was just indescribable. The portion size was larger than I expected and for that I was very thankful. I took my time eating everything and was very sad when I took that final bite. Oh I probably should have mentioned that Brad got the Pan-seared Chicken Breast finished with fresh Herb-Truffle Butter and Spinach Cream Sauce, Seasonal Vegetables, and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes for $23.99. He also exclaimed it was amazing.

I should also add that throughout dinner I consistently asked Carlos questions each time he returned to check on us, bring more tea, etc. I asked him if Mrs. Potts was around and he said she made my dinner. I asked about Chip and was told he was taking a nap. I definitely put the service to the test. I kept thinking of what I could ask that may make Carlos have to think for an answer and it finally came to me. I finally asked him if any of the light fixtures on the wall were related to Lumiere. This made Carlos pause for a second. I finally had him I thought and then he came to life and pointed at different lights; “that is Lumiere’s Uncle Frank and that is his cousin Jane”. Carlos could not be beat.

Dessert CartAnd the music has begun once again announcing the Master is in the house. (Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye, Never wants a passerby to pass him by) This time he stayed a little longer and took a bow. Nice Beast.

The time came for Carlos to bring the dessert cart by the table. It was this very nice and very large refrigerated cart that held all of the dessert offerings. Carlos left the cart there for us to look at while he refilled water at the next table. Oh Carlos what a tangled web you weave. He returned and told us all about the different desserts though that was entirely unnecessary. While they all looked yummy there was one item I had my eye on from the beginning; The Grey Stuff. I had to try The Grey Stuff as I knew it would be delicious. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes. I mean, how could you not try The Grey Stuff?

Let me tell you about The Grey Stuff. Carlos took it out of the cart, put it on a plate and made a little Mickey out of Raspberry Sauce right next to it. The Grey Stuff was a kind of a brownie/chocolate cookie blend with this grey frosting on top and little pearl crunchies. Was it delicious? Oh holy heck yes it was! I took one bite and decided that each bite would beThe Grey Stuff a small one to savor the deliciousness of it all. I did stick my finger in the frosting and licked it off because that seemed appropriate. Carlos asked if we were enjoying The Grey Stuff and we exclaimed that we were. He asked if we wanted any coffee or any other after dinner beverage and I just shouted “enough, I’m done!” We paid our respective bills, Carlos thanked us for being such a fun table and we went exploring.

I knew there would be several Hidden Mickey’s throughout the restaurant and I did find two in the Rose Gallery as I wandered around. I took several photos and thought the artwork was very nice. We walked around the Ballroom and it was magnificent.  It was louder than the other two rooms, but not so bad that you could not have a nice conversation.  The ceiling was beautiful and the attention to detail was obvious.  In the back you could look “outside” and see that it was snowing.  Great effect!  We finished our dining room tour with the West Wing where it was left just as it was in the film.  The curtains were shredded and the enchanted rose sat there under glass doing its thing.  Very, very cool.

The RoseI went to leave and was passing the library and I suddenly stopped when I saw the Beast.  I was told I could come in and meet him if I wished.  You’re darn right I wanted to meet him.  The line was very short and soon I was shaking hands with and hugging the Beast.  All in all I’d have preferred Belle, but the Beast was awesome.  I exited through the hallway with the knights in shining armor and made my way back to where the dinner began.

Again, I know it is pricey but if you have the opportunity to dine here I highly recommend it.  The food is excellent, the atmosphere cannot be beat and the staff is beyond compare.  Also if you eat there then maybe my Disney stock will go up in value.  Not a bad thing kids.  Not a bad thing at all.



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