Posted by: lylescott89 | April 3, 2015

I’m Doing Something Nice

Dapper Day 2015Hey kids,

I know I have in the past been known as that grumpy old curmudgeon, but with my new career things have definitely changed. There is no need to rehash my misery or talk about my time in Shawshank right now because I want to tell you about something that a year ago I never would have done.

About a week ago I received a call from a woman with MDA.  She told me that on May 7th I was going to be arrested and taken to jail for the crime of “having a big heart”.  Now I don’t exactly know where she got this idea, but she was right.  I do have a big heart and I can often be very sentimental about things.  Again, no need to go into anything that would make me cry right now, but suffice to say I agreed to be arrested and taken to jail for an hour or so to raise money for MDA.  This does not sound like me, but it is the new me.  I did have to rearrange some things I had planned in order to be available on that day so that should tell you something right there.

But I cannot say that I did this all in the sake of being nice.  No, there were perks.  One of the biggest perks was free food at Cody’s.  Everyone knows that Cody’s Roadhouse is one of my favorite dining establishments.  The ribs are fantastic, the yeast rolls are awesome and the salad is probably the best in town.  The steaks are also delicious.  I am guessing we’ll pretty much get appetizers to snack on, but that is fine too because I can eat a busload of onion rings.  (See that, I am even watching my language)

The second perk is that I will be in jail with other business people from the area and as such I can network and promote myDapper Day business.  So if donating a few bucks to MDA and sitting in a restaurant for an hour or two can bring me some business I am all for it.

Third, they told me they’d pick me up in a limo.  Now I have been asking for this for a long time and it still has not happened. If we recall my visit to Las Vegas last year I was told that I’d be picked up in a limo when I went to Sapphire, but it was just a really big SUV.  If you need a reminder just click here and read it again.

Fourth, and quite possibly the most important, I will be doing something good for a good cause.  I don’t often show it, but when I see a child crippled by a horrid disease that serves no purpose whatsoever I get upset.  I have seen children in wheelchairs on ever single trip I have ever made to Walt Disney World and it makes me happy to see them happy, but sad to know that the happiness is temporary.

By the way if you’re wondering why I stuck Dapper Day photos in here as opposed to children in wheelchairs it’s because I did not want to try and make you feel sad.  MD is horrible and we all know that so let’s look at happy things while we donate.  Plus I’m trying to promote my business.

Dapper DaySo I am asking you my friends to please visit my personal MDA page and donate something.  It can be any amount.  They set a goal (technically bail money) for me at $3500.00 (I did not get an option there) I get to leave jail even if I don’t raise that much, but I do want to raise as much as humanly possible.  I have a lot of followers here and I have a number of followers on Twitter and Facebook as well so if everyone could donate something I know I can achieve the goal.  Maybe I will win a bonus limo ride.  Who knows?  But please click on the link and donate.  Thank you!



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