Posted by: lylescott89 | June 26, 2015

Wow! What a Week

No more selfieHey kids,

First you do not hear from me for a month and now here I am again less than 24 hours later.  I don’t know what to tell you about that, but I am just so pleased right now I had to share it.  Four things happened this week that made me feel good. Where to begin?

First of all those damn selfie sticks have been banned at Walt Disney World as of June 30th.  Hip, hip hooray.  I hate the selfie stick and I am not sure how many times I have almost been hit in the head with one.  True, I do wish I had invented it, but I am relieved it was banned from the Disney parks.  Not too awful long ago I was riding Splash Mountain when a Cast Member came over the loudspeaker to tell someone to put away the selfie stick or the ride would be stopped.  Apparently they did not put it away because I sat in that log a few yards short of the Laughing Place for over 10 minutes.  Believe me when I tell you that it was not that funny.  I am guessing they may have had to send someone to that log and personally snatch the damn stick from their hands.  From what I understand guests will be encouraged to leave them in their cars or hotel rooms and if they get to the gate with them they can check them and retrieve them when the exit the park.  Now I am not sure what the Disney Police will do if they happen to catch someone using one, but it is my hope that they will be immediately escorted out of the park.

Second we have finally gotten to the point where that stupid Confederate flag is recognized for what it is; a symbol of racism and hate,  I am really confounded as to how this lasted as long as it did.  I mean, seriously, would anyone in their right mind fly a Nazi flag or wear a Nazi T-shirt?  It’s crazy.  Retailers have decided to stop carrying merchandise with this nasty symbol on it and it is being removed from state buildings.  However this is only a step.  I love it how Wal-Mart has decided to remove all flag merchandise, but they are still willing to sell a gun to any nut-job that walks in the door.  Until we finally do something about the gun obsession in this country there are always going to be problems.  I could go on, but why bother.  You know how I feel.Goodbye Hate, Hello Love

It’s safe to say that if it were not for the Affordable Care Act I’d still be trapped at that toxic nightmare instead of running my own semi-successful business.  Thankfully the Supreme Court had six members intelligent enough to uphold it this week and allow me, my family and millions of others to keep our health insurance.  Again, what we really need is true universal healthcare, but as I’ve said before this is a start.  Anyway the thought of one person saying to another that I am good enough for healthcare but you are not is utterly ridiculous.  It just makes no sense.  I did not share this story when it happened, but it bears repeating now.  I was waiting for a bus at Walt Disney World a month or so ago and the people with me in line were saying crap like “that Obamacare is the worst”.  Well, I had to put them in their place by telling them how it enabled me to leave a horrible job and go out on my own.  Plus I was able to say how much I pay for doctor visits and hoew much I pay for prescriptions which was directly opposite of the lies they were spewing.  It’s all about education people. Before you start spouting off lies in public as if you were Fox “News” you should probably get the facts. And you’ll never in a million years get facts from Fox “News”.

What a Great WeekBefore i get to the final and most important item I want to share with you something I read from Dan Savage.  If you do not know Savage he is an American gay rights activist and author and I happen to be a fan.  He wrote this little ditty after hearing about Bristol Plain’s second unplanned and unwed pregnancy: “If Bristol Palin’s last name was “Obama” the whole Hee Haw gang at Fox News would spend half of every day for the next nine months telling us that Bristol Obama has terrible parents—”Maybe Michelle should be less concerned with what your kids are eating and more concerned with what her kids are doing!”—and the other half of the day pretending to fret over the terrible example that Bristol Obama was setting for other African American women and girls.”  I thought that was pretty brilliant and right on target.

Finally we now have marriage equality in this country thanks to five members of the Supreme Court being intelligent enough to realize that it’s about stinking time.  When I first heard the news this morning (and yes I was waiting patiently for the verdict) I almost started to cry.  Almost.  Old Stone Face is still intact. I thought about my family members and my friends.  I thought about the hatred that the LGBT has had to endure in this country.  I thought about George Takei, whom I consider my uncle that I have never met.  I was so happy for all of them.  I was happy for people I have never met and never will meet.  I know IMarriage Equality! sound a little too emotional here, but it really meant a lot for me.  I have always listed on my business website “same sex couple welcome” and I proudly stand by that.  Yes, I am available for all weddings.  I will not go into the horrible things said by justices Scalia and that fathead Thomas, but I will juat say that despite their 18th century thinking we now just have marriage.  No gay marriage or straight marriage, just marriage.  I am also waiting to see the many pastors and right wing windbags that threatened to set themselves on fire or leave the country if marriage equality become a reality to finally do just that.  I’m looking forward to one awesome bonfire.



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