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Columbus – Moon River

Look, it's Mr. Peanut

Look, it’s Mr. Peanut

Hey kids,

The next day in Columbus began shockingly like the day before with me sleeping in.  I do enjoy sleeping in, but it is not always the most productive way to start my day.  On this day I decided to forgo Tim Horton’s an try another new place for breakfast.  In my journeys of the past few days I had stumbled upon a place called the Potbelly Sandwich Shop.  Now I knew nothing about it, but it looked nice and I figured why not.  So I headed there for breakfast.  I chose the bacon, egg and cheddar cheese sandwich on their regular bread and it was very, very good.  I was so hungry that I neglected to take a photo so I am sorry for that.  I added a cup of coffee with it and they did have some fine coffee.  It was late in the morning so I had the place all to myself except for the occasionally business person walking in to grab a quick cup or sandwich.  I really had hoped to get back here for lunch or dinner one day, but never did.  One thing I will say about this place that I did not like was that the a/c was either not on or not working because it was very warm inside. Still, I was determined to tough it out for the sake of the toasty warm sandwich and the delicious coffee.

I decided not to wander too much on this morning due to the fact that I had an actual photo shoot planned for the evening at 6 PM.  More on that later.  I decided that the best way to spend my morning was at the pool.  Ah yes, the pool.  It was quiet and the weather was decidedly perfect for both swimming and to sit by the pool to read.  As it got close to noon I received a text from Donna asking what I’d like to do for lunch.  There was a deli right next door to the hotel that I said looked fantastic and she said she’d meet me there in a little while.  So back up to the room I went to dry off and get ready.

Pastrami & Corned Beef

Pastrami & Corned Beef

The name of the place was technically Lexi’s on Third, but I got the feeling that most people just called it Lexi’s. Donna had some sort of salad, but being a carnivore I went for something called “The Love Connection”.  It was my choice of two meats, Swiss cheese and coleslaw served on rye bread.  I chose the ever delicious combo of pastrami and corned beef. As I have said many times before “I find the pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats”.  I asked the guy at the register if it came with a side dish and he scowled at me and said no.  I got the feeling that he was asked this question a lot. Undeterred I went ahead and ordered a side of potato salad as I have found that to be an excellent compliment to pastrami.  I have had many pastrami/corned beef sandwiches in my day, but this was one of the best.  So good!  As you can see I did take a picture of my lunch.

The afternoon was nothing to speak of for the most part.  I went back to the pool and continued reading.  Eventually it became time to hop on the bus and go get Adam from his daily…well, whatever it was he was doing each day.  Adam and I had taken to calling the redhead at the show each night by a name we know well, Kimmy Schmidt.  Now I am not saying that she was an Indiana Mole Woman or anything like that, but she just reminded us of Kimmy Schmidt.  If you have not seen the show please do yourself a favor, watch it and thank me later.  I was sitting on the bus waiting for the bus driver to say his line that he said every single, stinking time he was ready to leave; “Well, I guess it’s about that time”, when suddenly Kimmy Schmidt walked onto the bus and sat right behind me. OMG!

I met Kimmy Schmidt!

I met Kimmy Schmidt!

Now Kimmy was playing it cool.  I know she was thrilled to be sitting so close to me, but she was keeping herself busy by texting.  What she was texting I do not know, but it may have gone like this:

“OMG I’m sitting behind that guy that thinks I am a great singer.  He’s so handsome and his son is adorable. Should I talk to him?”

Okay, it   went nothing like that.  I did hear her typing and from the sounds of the clicks I think this is what the text said;

“Oh dear God why did I sit behind this guy? I hope he doesn’t recognize me or ask me to take a selfie.”

So I sat quietly on the bus and continually glanced back doing that smooth move where it appeared I was looking for something.  Okay, it’s a stupid move.  Eventually I asked Kimmy if she was the girl in the band and she got this big smile and said yes.  I told her that Adam and I thought she was wonderful and she had beautiful hair. (OMG why dd I say that?) She said thank you and when we stepped off the bus I asked if we could get a picture together.  She acted flattered and said yes.  So I took a couple of selfies (a word I still hate, but it won’t go away) and then let her be on her way.  I went and got Adam and told him what happened and he said “You met Kimmy Schmidt?  So cool”.  Yes, it was so cool.

River Rayne

River Rayne

When Donna got back at the hotel I got myself ready and walked down to the corner of 4th and Columbus Gay Men’s 25th Anniversary Street to meet my photo subject, River Rayne.  I had met River online on Model Mayhem.  She was looking for someone to take pictures of her for her blog, Lucky Cat Fashion, and I was looking for something fun to do in Columbus with my new business.  When we met in person I think we instantly hit it off.  She was friendly, charming and had a bit of an Audrey Hepburn aura about her.  (I knew this from all the time I spent with Audrey back in the day)  We took a ton of photos, talked while we were shooting and generally had a very good time.   It was easily the best part of my vacation thus far.  We walked up and down the street and found several very nice places to use as backgrounds for her photos. Overall I think the photos came out very well and I have heard no complaints from her so I am guessing I did okay.  We had a really nice time and I wished I could have done another shoot with her as she was an excellent fashion model.  Another time perhaps.

When we finished I made sure she got back in her car and left safely.  Now why this was necessary I have no idea because it was not dark and she knew the area and I did not, but it was the gentlemanly thing to do I suppose.  I quickly went back to the room, changed my clothes and headed to the bus.  By this point I was starving and was hoping against hope that the food court at the convention center was still open.  Well, some of it was.  Actually there were only two places open besides an ice cream place and since one of them was Subway I made the choice to get pizza at a place called Donatos.  They had a special of a small one topping pizza and a drink for five bucks so I had to have that.  I went with pepperoni and I was qite pleased with the flavor.  I was by no means expecting a great pizza, but this was very, very good.  Hooray for pizza.

River Rayne

River Rayne

Oh yes there was the evening service to attend.  Every time Kimmy was up and singing Adam would remind me that there was my new girlfriend and that was fun.  A man spoke on this night and while I have no recollection at all as to what he spoke about, I do remember thinking he was very good.  After it ended we hopped on the bus and headed back to the hotel.  It was at this point that I was craving some frozen yogurt and I knew there was a place near the hotel called 39 degrees frozen yogurt.  So I asked Adam and Donna if they wanted to go, but they had already enjoyed some ice cream after dinner and politely declined.  So I walked down there myself and was very happy I did.  The girl at the register said that all the yogurt was made in house and so were many of the toppings.  I went with the salted caramel and put on some chocolate sprinkles and cookie dough.  It was amazing.

Another day had come to its conclusion and another day awaited.  I was exhausted, but so happy that I got a chance to take some photos of River.  I have to say it really makes a big difference in life if you do a job that you love as opposed to going to an office and watching yourself die a little more each day.   My smile is back.




  1. What were you reading?

    • Storming the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon

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