Posted by: lylescott89 | September 7, 2015

Goodbye Columbus, Hello Canada

Hello Canadian Hotel

Hello Canadian Hotel

Hey kids,

Our final morning in Columbus was completely uneventful.  I walked down to the car rental place about two blocks from the hotel, picked up the rental car and drove it back to the hotel.  Then the nice bellhops loaded it up, got a nice tip and we were on our way.  But wait, what about breakfast?  Well have no fear because I had already mapped out a Tim Horton’s a few miles down the road and we stopped there.  Guess what we had?  Donuts, coffee, breakfast sandwich or all three?  It was all three!

I have to say that the drive from Columbus to Niagara Falls is not all that scenic.  In fact it was not scenic at all so we spent most of our time answering Adam’s questions about Canada.  What does the money look like, will I see a real moose and do they really say “eh” all the time?  He would soon learn the answers to all of those questions.

Oh and in case it matters to anyone we ate at Qdoba for lunch in Erie, PA.  It did not take Adam long to figure out that he would be in three different states and two countries all in once day.  To a kid that is very cool.

American & Bridal Veil Falls

American & Bridal Veil Falls

We drove into Canada from New York and had to pass through the customs booth.  I tell you that those people have zero sense of humor and are all business.  Who are you, where are you going, why are you going there and do you have anything in the car that you should not be bringing into Canada?  We were slightly unnerved when we kept seeing cars in front of us being told to pull to the side.  I had no idea how they answered the questions, but apparently they did not answer them correctly.  Well a few passports later and we passed with flying colors.  We were officially in Canada.  Woo Canada!

Since our car was from south of the border (the Canadian border) the speedometer was in miles per hour.  Since this was Canada and they had actually been using the metric system for a long time we had to quickly adjust to kilometers per hour.  On a side note, I think I was in third grade at the time when my teacher informed me that we had to learn the metric system because we’d be converting to it before too long.  I am still waiting for that conversion.  Damn we are a stubborn country.  In any case the smaller numbers on the speedometer had to be utilized so I would go the correct speed and not get a Canadian ticket.  Although if a Mountie were to pull me over via his trusty horse, I probably would have been okay with that.



It took us about 15 minutes to reach the town of Niagara Falls.  Our directions were perfect and soon we arrived at our hotel.  We parked and went inside.  I had checked in online so I was able to avoid the huge line at check in and go directly to the “I checked in online line” and then laugh at the people waiting to get their room.  The guy at the desk greeted us and while I do not recall exactly what he said, he ended his sentence with “eh”.  Adam’s eyes lit up and his jaw dropped.  He really thought I was joking.  Well this guy was awesome and must have said “eh” a dozen times.  He also gave us a free upgraded room so we had a bigger room than originally planned plus an in room Jacuzzi.  Adam got very excited as he is a huge fan of the in room Jacuzzi.  He got even more excited when he saw the candy stand at the hotel.  For some reason the sight of a Canadian peanut butter cup amazed him.  At first I did not see why, then he showed me that they were called Reese Cups and not Reese’s and to top it off there were three in the package as opposed to two.  Dang these Canadians are awesome!

So we unloaded the car and upstairs we went.  The room itself was very nice and the hotel was clean, modern and the staff was endlessly friendly. The first thing we wanted to do was go to the falls.  Shocking right?  So we spoke to the lady at the tour desk about the best way to get there and she showed us it was about a 15 minute walk.  So since it was very nice out we decided to take the stroll to the falls.  We could hear it before we could see it and the sound was quite loud.  The path she sent us on took us out right by the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, but it was just a quick look to the right and the magnificent Horseshoe Falls were right there.  I simply could not believe I was actually standing there.  This was a place I had, oddly enough, been wanting to see since I was a child.  I finally made it.  There is something about the sight of falling water that is mesmerizing and I could have stood there for hours.  Eventually I did, but not this night.

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

We walked up and back by the falls and talked about how we were going to ride the Hornblower cruise the next morning and get a real close up look at the falls.  We watched the boats go back and forth as we stood at the falls and I was again very excited.  However it was getting late and we still had not eaten yet.  So we waked slowly back to the hotel and admired the falls as we went.

I wish I could say that I had a great dinner, but I did not.  It was okay, but not what I was hoping for on my first day in Canada since 2002.  Adam asked if he could pick the place for dinner because, as he said, he never gets to choose.  So we felt guilty and let him make the choice.  Well our hotel was across the street from Denny’s, attached to a place called The Keg, next door to a Hooters, an Outback and a TGI Fridays.  Even though I didn’t want him to I was fully expecting Adam to pick Hooters.  I really wanted something more Canadian on the first night, but I figured I’d get a huge plate of wings.  However he went with Fridays.  Not my favorite place, but it is one of his favorites so no big deal.  I had some sort of chicken sandwich with fries and it was quite tasty, but then I learned something I did not know.  Apparently in Canada when you pay with a credit card the server cannot take it from your sight.  So instead they bring this little machine, you stick the card in it (as long as it has a chip to read) and it does everything right there at the table.  You punch in the tip amount and everything.  All you do is sign.  No math is even necessary because it asks what percentage of a tip[ you want and you just pick your favorite.  I Love Canada!

Sleep well my baby!

Sleep well my baby!

It had been a long day and we were tired so we walked the 50 yards or so back to the hotel and called it a night.  Big doings the next day so plenty of rest was needed.  We had a great first day in Canada, would it get better?  Stay tuned.



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