Posted by: lylescott89 | September 10, 2015

Woo hoo! Football Season has Arrived!

Think of Laura

Think of Laura

Hey kids,

I am taking a very quick break from my fabulous Columbus & Canada adventure to tell you all that I am super excited that the NFL season has arrived.  Well, it starts tonight so you know exactly where I will be,  Not that I give two hoots about either team playing this evening, but football is back and I am happy.  Nothing else needs to be said I suppose, but I should provide you my “way too early” Super Bowl Prediction.  Naturally I want the Buccaneers to represent the NFC, but I must keep my pick realistic.  So this year for Super Bowl 50 I am taking a wild guess and going with…Green Bay vs. Baltimore.  If that actually happens I will be as shocked as you all.  And yes I realize that the accompanying photo has literally nothing to do with football, but I still need to promote my business.  Hire me please!  Enjoy the season kids.




  1. Before I read this I was wondering . . . Why is football on Thursday night? I thought football was a Sunday thing and a Monday night thing. Friday night is a high school football thing. Saturday is a college football thing. Thursday nights was always a JV high school football thing. What is going on?

    • They have had Thursday night football for a long time. This is not new. They also have college games on Thursdays as well.

      • I had no idea.

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