Posted by: lylescott89 | February 25, 2016

The Oscars Brought Me Back

12507658_10153165338987038_396761194261561384_nHey kids,

It has been five long months since I last wrote something for you and for that I apologize. Obviously it was the Oscars that brought me back to writing and for that you should all be thankful. I will get to my annual, fearless Oscar picks in a moment, but as always I have a few house cleaning chores to do before I begin all the fun stuff.
First of all, my photography business has been growing ever so slowly, but I remain optimistic. I will admit that because I am such a nice guy I have been burned on more than one occasion by clients canceling at the last minute or just not showing up. That will change thanks to a lecture I received from three different people whom I respect. From this day forward (actually yesterday) I will no longer do any trade shoots and all sessions, including friend and family, will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. I did a trade shoot with someone a few months ago and she has yet to hold up to her end of the trade so you thank her for that. And I am sorry, but I am in this business to make money and provide for my family. I will certainly give a family discount, but no more freebies. As far as the deposit goes I will just not book anything until I receive it and if you must reschedule that is fine. Your deposit is still good.

Second, I will finish the saga of my trip to Canada and the National Baseball Hall of Fame soon. I have several photo sessions scheduled for the month of March, one of which I want to tell you about now. I will be working with Emerald Marketing to do a swimwear shoot for Emerald Select the weekend of March 11th. I am super excited about this and I hope it is well attended and goes very well. This has been my dream and this is part of the reason I decided to go into this business. I know, and have been told many times, that weddings are one of the most lucrative things in the photography business. However, they are not my thing per se. Yes, I will do them and I am happy to do them, however I am so much more comfortable working one on one with a model and bringing out the best in her. All photographers have their own style and preferences and that is fine. We’re all different. I know what I am good at and what I enjoy so I plan to stick with it.12696998_10153352738131406_4922095121533881573_o

And third it is time to get to my Oscar selections. I totally understand the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and I loved it when host Chris Rock (one of my favorites) called the Oscars the “white BET Awards”, however I have zero control of who gets nominated and who wins. If I did Star Wars: The Force Awakens would win Best Picture, Daisy Ridley would be Best Actress, John Boyega Best Actor, Harrison Ford Best Supporting Actor and JJ Abrams Best Director. So that controversy will not be addressed here and I can only go with what the Academy has provided.

As usual, this is not the least bit scientific and I have no idea who will win. These are just my guesses based on what I know about the Oscars and the history of the event. And just like last year I have not seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture so what you will be getting from me is a complete crapshoot. Capiche? Great. So without further delay here are my fearless Oscar picks for the 88th Annual Academy Awards.

Best Picture – The Revenant
Best Actor – Leonard DiCaprio – The Revenant
Best Actress – Brie Larson – Room
Best Supporting Actor – Sylvester Stallone – Creed
Best Supporting Actress – Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs
Best Director – Alejandro G. Inarritu – The Revenant
Best Animated Feature – Inside Out

12697462_10153352737966406_3017892587074729140_oSo when I was looking at the Best Picture nominees that I have not seen I was a tad bit torn between Spotlight and The Revenant, but I went with the latter after flipping a coin. No I didn’t do that, but I suspect many voters may have. I just figured The Revenant seemed more epic and after they picked that piece of crap Birdman last year I think that whatever they pick will be some sort of redemption, but the best redemption is always an epic.

That led me to Leo for Best Actor. I think he, like Sylvester Stallone, is due and the Academy loves to award both longevity and a great body of work. Leo has the amazing work, Sly has the longevity. Plus, I am told that Leo’s performance was utterly amazing so I think he will win. Eventually I will see that film. And as I have already said I think Sly will win as well for yet another movie I have not seen, but one I will probably never see. I made a pledge after the horrible Rocky III and tasteless Rambo II to never see another movie with Sly in it and I have done very well keeping that promise. Plus I hate boxing.

Brie Larson was an easy choice for Best Actress in a film I will eventually see. I am told her performance was amazing and heartbreaking; two things the Academy loves. So she will win easily. It’s funny that she has been acting for years, most memorably to me in 21 Jump Street, yet hardly anyone I talk to knows who she is. Hopefully this will change all that.

Best Supporting actress was a truly tough call for me. This has historically been the toughest category to call, but I went with Kate Winslet over Alicia Vikander for two reasons.
1. I absolutely adore Kate Winslet
2. Her role was truly a supporting role.12705794_10153987333659749_7829664066121689047_n

This is the thing that bugs me. Alicia Vikander’s role in The Danish Girl should be in the leading category, but because the producers or whoever think she has a better chance in the supporting category she ends up here. They are absolutely correct as she would not beat Brie Larson, but she could be Kate. For the record, Rooney Mara’s role in Carol is also not supporting and she could certainly win this category as well. Still, I went with Kate because who wouldn’t want to see Kate and Leo embracing and holding Oscars together backstage?

We will see how this all turns out on Sunday. I certainly expect a lot of humor from Chris Rock and I do hope that he is not held back from doing what he does best. I understand this is network TV and his stand up language is not appropriate, but let him be himself and we all go home happy. I’ll talk with you next week about the show itself.



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