Posted by: lylescott89 | March 31, 2016

This Blog is not Really About Soccer

AlexHey kids,

We all know that I despise soccer.  This comes as no surprise.  It does not make any sense to me, I do not understand the rules and it is incredibly boring.  Yet I am feeling obliged to discuss it today.  Why?  Well the story begins at the gym earlier this morning.

As is my custom when I am on the treadmill or bike, I turn on ESPN and watch Sportscenter.  I like the people they have on in the morning, particularly the lovely Jaymee Sire who has become my favorite Sportscenter anchor.  She is also a food blogger and we all know how I love food.  Anyway Jaymee came on and said she had some breaking news.  Now I knew it would be breaking sports news, but in the back of my mind I was hoping the story had something to do with Donald Drumpf (#makedonalddrumpfagain) getting hit by a bus or falling off a tall building.  Alas, it was indeed a sports story.

The story in question involved members if the women’s US Soccer team.  Apparently they have filed a wage discrimination lawsuit against either the US Soccer Federation or the United Federation of Planets; I can’t remember which.  The lawsuit in question is regarding the inequality of pay between the men’s and women’s soccer teams.  This came as a shock to me.  No, the shock was not the disparity ion pay, but rather that they are paid at all.  I had no idea that these soccer teams were paid.  I thought it was like the Olympics ion that they competed fr the joy of competition.  Obviously I am very naive and I pay no attention to the Olympics either as they are probably paid as far as I know.  Jaymee went on to show a clip of four woman I have never seen or heard of before in my life talking in the Today Show.  Despite the fact that they were mystery women, I knew they played soccer and I commiserated with them.

I was astonished when I heard the numbers.  According to the lawsuit the women are paid $99,000.00 each if they win 20 friendlies (whatever the hell that means) and the men are paid $263,320.00 for the same thing.  For you non math people out there that is a difference of $164,320.00.  In addition the men would get $100,000 if they lost all of those games while the women would get nothing. Further complication the issue, the men get between $5000.00 and $17625.00 for each game played beyond that 20 mark. The women are absolutely correct in this lawsuit and even though I hate soccer, I will back them up 100% because this is wrong, clearly discriminatory and frankly, obscene.carli-lloyd-800

The geniuses at the US Soccer Federation issued a statement saying they were “disappointed” in the action.  Well of course they are disappointed.  They are a bunch of old guys that don’t think women should get equal pay.

In this situation I don’t think the women should get equal pay, but rather more pay.  Let me explain.  The World Cup for men’s soccer has existed since 1930.  In that time the USA has won the World Cup a grand total of NEVER.  In fact they have never even finished second.  Technically they got a third place finish in 1930, but that was not decided on the field.  There was no third place game and they were just awarded third place based on their overall record.  So that doesn’t count for anything.

The women’s World Cup has been in existence since 1991, which came as quite a shock to me since I never knew it existed since last year.  However, including that inaugural 1991 tournament the women have won the World Cup a grand total of three times, finished second once and third three times.  That means that in the seven contested women’s world cups they have placed first, second or third every single time.  Is that better than the men?  You bet your ass it is.

Let’s take this a step further.  Arguably the same players participate in Olympic soccer. The men have contested soccer in the Olympics since 1900.  How many gold medals have they won?  Zero.  That’s right, zero point zero.  They actually did win both the silver and bronze medals in the same year, 1904.  In that year only three teams participated in Olympic soccer and two were teams from the US.  So you had three teams in the Olympic soccer tournament, two from the US and they still could not win the gold medal.  How pathetic is that?  Extremely. There were two teams from the USA and neither could beat that soccer juggernaut known as Canada.  02_US_Soccer_logo

The women’s Olympic soccer journey began in 1996.  That means that prior to this year’s Olympic games they have had five tournaments.  Guess how many gold medals the women have won?  If you guessed four you’d be correct.  Four out of five.  In the only year in which they did not win the gold medal they won the silver.  Pretty impressive.

Now look; the women practice just as hard as the men and from what I understand the games are on the same sized fields and for the same length of time.  So why the discrepancy in the pay?   It makes no sense whatsoever.  I know I am now and have been a long time advocate for women’s rights.  I believe a woman deserves equal pay.  What is wrong with equality? Can someone please explain why inequality is okay?

The other women’s item that pisses me off has nothing to do with this equal pay or soccer talk, but I must say it.  I believe a woman has the right to make the own decisions about her body.  Whatever your religious feelings it is absolutely none of your business it’s none of your damn business whether or not she has an abortion.  Those that disagree are the loudest and most annoying and it is time for this to stop.

It took a sport that I hate to get me to speak up.  What will it take for you?





  1. zero point zero . . . hee hee hee

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