Posted by: lylescott89 | June 3, 2016

No Longer My Nightmare

DSC_0099Hey kids,

It has been well over a year now that I left that horrendous desk job in that dingy old office and began following my dream.  I can say that I don’t know that I have ever been happier with my professional life.  I would have to say that my professional life is now at a “noine“.  My daily drive to the gym in the morning allows me to see the nightmare I was living from the other side.  I’ll explain.

The gym I work out at is only a couple of miles from my home and I generally go there four days a week.  Inexplicably, the gym is right next to a Dunkin Donuts and as such, I often get text messages while I am working out asking for me to bring something home with me. I always do, but it seems odd to me that I work out, get all sweaty and then go buy donuts for my son.  I know they are not for me, but it still seems strange.  Anyway as I work out I watch ESPN, but I also look out the window to see what is going on and it is exactly the same every morning.  There is always a line of cars blocking the street trying to get into the drive thru.  From experience I know that the counter inside is virtually wide open for customers, yet I watch these laze people sit on their duffs as they wait in their cars.  It is truly a sight to be seen.

At times I have seen the situation get a little out of hand with people yelling at each otherDSC_0084 out their windows.  Cars can come from two different directions to get to this drive thru and anger often ensues.  This is not the way to live my friends.  Shouting at people over a place in line at a donut shop?  That is what gets you upset?  But then I realized that is not what they are upset about and it brought me back to an old anger I had endured for years. It was the daily commute to a crappy job with lousy pay and ignorant people in charge.  I thought back to all those mornings when I would drive to that office with what appeared to be a look of complete and utter bleakness and isolation. I would look in the rear view mirror and see despair, anger and hatred.  A lot of these people are all seeing the same thing.   I cannot tell you how many times I saw people fighting to squeeze into a lane or weaving in and out of traffic just to be on time for whatever job they had.  And that was me as well, except I could not have cared less whether I was on time or not.  Heck, there were days when I left five minutes prior to when I was supposed to be at work knowing that it was at least a 20 minute drive.  I hated it so much I did not care.  It was all meaningless to me.

But now I am doing what I love and I cannot even imagine going back to work in an office environment.  I cannot imagine sitting at a desk working under the supervision of someone who is less intelligent than a carrot.  Being at the mercy of some cow who thinks the world revolves around her job and uses her power to belittle others is not something I will ever allow to happen to me again.

As I have said before I had people that offered to help me out with a few things, both monetary as well as tangibly.  Most of those people came through and they have been thanked profusely.  To the select few who had promised to help me, but never followed through all I can say is I am doing okay and I hope you don’t treat others the same way. And for all of you that have supported me I want to share this video of me doing the work I do now.


It is hard work and it is all worth it.  Again, thanks to all that have supported me. Have a summer everyone!




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