Posted by: lylescott89 | August 10, 2016

Just a few Random Thoughts

John Saunders - 2004

John Saunders

Hey kids,

Loyal readers know that every once in a while I will come out with a few random thoughts.  These are things that I kind of want to write about, but don’t have the time or a lot to say about them.  So let’s take a look at these thoughts that have been floating around my head recently.

First of all I am very upset about the loss of a great sportscaster, John Saunders.  John always seemed friendly, warm and genuine on the air.  I looked forward to seeing him on The Sports Reporters every Sunday morning.  Plus he was Canadian.  I am going to miss him.

And staying with the sports theme ESPN NFL analyst Tom Jackson retired after this past weekends Hall of Fame broadcast.  Well the game was canceled so I guess he retired even earlier than he planned.  Like everything, this was inevitable. However this fact did not make me any less sad. As a huge football fan I have long been a viewer of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown and NFL Primetime (which was once a great show every Sunday evening until NBC made a deal with the NFL for exclusive highlights on their super shitty Football Night in America show) I cannot recall a time when I did not see Tom Jackson on an NFL Sunday and not having his insights into the game and his powerful personality will make countdown just a little less interesting.

Tom JacksonI do not care one iota about the Olympics.  I used to love the Olympics when I was a kid, but my interest over the years has essentially dissipated.  The coverage on NBC has always sucked.  I hate those awful “up close and personal” stories and their insistence on showing beach volleyball, which isn’t even a sport.  It’s something drunk college kids do on spring break.  I don’t care who wins or who loses.

Last month two players were enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown; Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mike Piazza. I was lucky enough to see both of these players in their career and I am guessing I am one of the few people that actually saw Piazza play as a Dodger, a Marlin and a Met.

I will not miss A-Rod or as I prefer to call him, A-Fraud.  That’s a guy that does not deserve under any circumstances to be in the Hall of Fame.  He’s a cheater and a liar. You cheat to make yourself a better player?  Shame on you!

CheatiesI am so sick of this damn election.  Actually I am sick of all elections.  I have said it before that I think candidates should only be able to talk about themselves and not other candidates, but that is going nowhere.  I’ve also said that we should put homeless people in congress because they know what it is like to have nothing and my guess is they will actually work.  They can relate better to the average citizen.

I am never sure that Drumpf can sink much lower, but then he never fails to stoop to the lowest levels possible.  So now he blatantly threatens Hillary Clinton and as usual blames someone else for his words.  It’s fascinating to me that his supporters claim to like him because he always means what he says, but then when he threatens someone he was just kidding.  So which is it; does he mean what he says or is he some great comedian?  And for the record I have never heard Clinton or any other politician say that they are going to abolish the 2nd amendment.

13895277_1073477236082953_3583122561277875016_nOn the other hand I absolutely love the new campaign ad by PETA staring Krysten Ritter.  I absolutely adore her and I loved her show Jessica Jones.  She was also brilliant in the short lived TV series “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”.  I have to say that she is one of my favorite actresses and I would do just about anything to meet her.  Perhaps she will read this and learn of my appreciation for her and agree to hire me for a photos shoot. Preferably not one under water.  So if you are reading this Krysten feel free to contact me and we’ll set something up.  Anyway she has now done a wonderful and impactful ad for PETA regarding all of the Orca’s trapped at  Seaworld parks.  Most people know I do not like Seaworld and have not been there in many years due to this.  I don’t care about the rides and such that they have so I don’t feel like I am missing anything.  You probably have not seen the ad, but watch below if you wish.  I think it is very, very good.



And finally I am somewhat disappointed in the support I have received for my magazines. I posted a blog all about asking for help, plus I have posted endlessly on Facebook and Twitter and guess how many magazines I sold?  Two.  That’s it.  It is not like I am asking a lot of you.  I am asking for my friends and family to spend five dollars and support me. Maybe you don’t care about the subject matter, but that is not the point.  They make lovely gifts and I need your support to keep going.  I am now to the point of begging you, loyal readers, to take a few moments out of your day, click this link and make a purchase. You will be really helping me, my career and my family.  Thanks!





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