Posted by: lylescott89 | December 7, 2016

The College Football Playoff is a Sham

bacon-heartHey kids,

Another Bacon Wednesday is upon us and I will tell you that it was, as usual, an overwhelming success. Seriously, when you think about it how could it not be?   However there are more pressing issues today than getting that #BaconWednesday hashtag trending.  I need to discuss my complete hatred of the college football playoff.  To put it mildly, I think this system is worse than the old BCS which, if you recall, I hated as well. Let’s take a look.

For decades the college football national championship was decided on paper as opposed to on the field.  I found that ridiculous, but then came the BCS when they used some whacked out formulas and computer programs to decide which two teams would play for the title.  Again, not perfect in the least, but only slightly better.  Now we have this mess and it could easily be fixed.

Two years ago when they decided to have the inaugural playoff, it seemed like a good idea. We’d get four teams that were allegedly the best in the land.  I was actually somewhat excited about it at first.  But then reality came to be.  You see, the whole mess is decided by a committee of a dozen members.  Some qualified, others not, but all biased in one way or another.  You have athletic directors, former head coaches a USA Today reporter and Condoleeza Rice.  Seriously?  WTF is with the last two?  Anyway they all sit in this room and debate.  Personally I think this is all nonsense and what they are really doing is eating and watching TV.  That’s the only thing that can explain the ridiculousness of this committee.


Two years ago these wahoos made a big fuss about how the conference championships make a huge difference in who they select.  That year, and currently as well, the Big 12 did not have a conference championship game.  TCU & Baylor were ranked numbers four and five respectively going into the weekend that the other big five conferences were holding their championship games.  Well, you had Ohio State sitting at number six and they won.  Somehow they leapfrogged both TCU and Baylor and into the fourth and final playoff spot.  Why?  The committee said that winning a conference championship meant something. It did at that time so much that the Big 12 (which only has 10 teams; go figure that one out) eventually had to annouince their intentions to have a conference title game.

Now we are in 2016 and the conference championships apparently mean nothing. Alabalma was the clear number one team and the committee so much as said that they could lose the SEC title game (which they did not; they won soundly) and still be assured of a playoff spot.  Same went for Clemson.  However, Washington was playing for its playoff life out west.  The committee said that there was a very thin line between one loss Washington, playing for the Pac-12 championship against two loss Colorado, and Michigan, a two loss team that did not even win its own division that had the week off. Washington won and made the playoffs, but had they lost they would have been out. Logically you would think that Colorado, had they won, would be included since they won the conference title, but they were not even in the conversation.  But it gets worse.  Ohio State was already in the playoff despite not winning in the division and not playing in the Big 10 (which has 14 teams, go figure that one out)  title game.  Had they been in the title game and lost they would have been knocked out of the playoff so by losing their division to Penn State they actually won.  So Wisconsin played Penn State in the Big 10 title game and Penn State won.  Based on 2014 logic Penn State, which beat Ohio State, would be in the playoff.  Nope.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Western Michigan

So we see that the playoff format is biased and filled with inconsistencies. In fact, when they came up with their four teams of Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington, they seeded them in such a way as to set up the best potential title game of Alabama vs. Ohio State.  That will bring the most eyes to the TV as both schools have a huge alumni base.  Do you think for a second that the NCAA wants a title game of Clemson vs. Washington?  Hell no they do not.  Thus we have Alabama vs. Washingon in one semi-final and Clemson vs. Ohio State in the other.  Leaving conference champions such as Oklahoma (which lost to Ohio State) and Penn State (which we know beat Ohio State) to their own little bowl games with no shot at the title.  Yes, that is dumb.

However, there is a solution. Take the legitimate champions of each of the five power conferences; the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, ACC and Pac 12.  If you don’t want to recognize conference champions then don’t mandate title games.  It’s that simple.  Then you take the highest ranked team from the so called “Group of Five”.  Those are the smaller teams from The American, C-USA, Mid-American, Mountain West and Sun Belt conferences.  This way you would have a six team playoff and the top two seeded teams would get a first round bye.  You can even add two wild card teams to the mix if you want and have eight teams and nobody gets a bye.  Heck, there is such a long time between conference title games and the bowl games that a bye is not really necessary.  Then when you have your eight teams you can seed them however you would like.  If that were the case the playoff in 2016 would look like this:

SEC – Alabama

ACC – Clemson

Big 10 – Penn State

Big 12 – Oklahoma

Pac 12 – Washington

Group of Five – Western Michigan

Wild Card #1 – Ohio State

Wild Card #2 – Michigan

Now look at that and tell me that is not more interesting.  You can’t and if you try I will muzzle you.  The idea of having a team like Western Michigan in the tournament is really fun.  People love the upsets in the NCAA basketball tournament so how could you not enjoy seeing the Broncos of WMU knock off one of the big boys?  Remember how much fun it was to see Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl almost 10 years ago?  That was awesome.  We love the underdog teams.

tumblr_ntt403jd6k1sxnfcxo1_1280I will not be wasting my team with any of the college football playoff games this season.  It has lost any and all magic it once had, if it ever actually had any which I have now decided that it did not.  Listen up and and use the hashtag #NCAAlistentoLyle to petition the NCAA to try my idea.  No more committees, no more non-champions making it when champions do not. Thanks!

Oh and I just saw that Time Magazine (who the hell still reads that) named Drumpf its person of the year.  By shear coincidence I named Drumpf my Racist Shit Bag of the Year. #notmypresident. I hope his pumpkin head explodes.



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