Posted by: lylescott89 | January 4, 2017

A Bagel a Day

15826728_10154823783968764_2563064591914892536_nHey kids,

First of all happy #BaconWednesday!  Whenever a new year begins I tend to ignore the whole resolution thing and do my own revolutions.  These are things that are revolutionary to me.  Sometimes I share these idea and sometimes I do not.  I tend to try at the beginning of each year to see if I can go en entire year without something or do the opposite and try and have the entire year with something.  In years past this has been very successful and at time an utter failure.

Several years ago I decided to go an entire year without soda.  I did it and when I finally had a soda again it made me sick.  Thus I rarely drink sodas, but they do occasionally sound good.  I specifically had a Coke on New Year’s Eve because I am once again going to do a year without soda.  I know this is a rerun, but it worked out so well the first time I am trying it again.

One year I attempted to give up pizza.  That lasted all of three weeks.

In 2014 I decided that I would join a gym and exercise four days a week.  I succeeded and to this day I am still a member of that gym and I still exercise regularly.

One year I decided to go without bitching about anything.  That ended on January 2nd.

istock_bagelsSo this year I am trying a few things.  For one, I am going with the bagel a day.  That’s right kids, a full year of bagels.  So far this year I have enjoyed an onion bagel, a garlic bagel and two everything bagels.  I am sure my breath is as fresh as a garlic press, but I will forge onward to many, many bagels.  I know what you are thinking; bagels are not all that good for you especially when you add a schmear of cream cheese, but like I said I am at the gym four days a week so damn it I deserve a bagel if I want one.

So what else will I do this year?  I know it sounds cheesy, but I think I am going to be a little bit nicer and do things to help people more.  Last month I volunteered at a food giveaway and I found it very rewarding and donating my time felt good.  It’s probably where I got the wretched illness that kept me down for two weeks, but doggone it I helped people and as humans what are we good for if not to help each other.  So there’s that.

no_social_shutterstock_277347377But by far the biggest thing I am going to do this year is cut back on the social media. I am really not that interested in the lives of all those people, many of which I hardly know.  I have already stopped, for two months, scrolling down the news feed on Facebook and I will continue to ignore it.  I contemplated simply deactivating my account, but several people have asked me not to do so in case they want and/or need to get a hold of me that way.  I said okay, but I am essentially ignoring it all.  I equate Facebook with getting a stupid Christmas letter every damn day from someone.  As we all know I, the great Krampus, hates the holiday letters and throws them in the trash.  I really hate the holiday email letters and I quickly delete those without reading.  I just don’t care.  So while I will remain on Facebook and Twitter I likely will not be posting anything other than these automatic posts that come from Flickr and WordPress.  I will maintain my business page in the hopes that one day I will get some paying clients.  So no scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other sites that gobble up precious time.  I’m 52 years old and I am way too old for that crap.

At least once this year I will sing O Canada.  Probably in the shower.

In 2017 I am going to spend more time with those closest to me.  That includes my immediate family and of course, those friends to whom I am closest to.  I will try to make them laugh in this era of hate.  And in doing so I will continue to ignore those awful internet trolls that exist to serve no purpose other than to destroy and act like complete assholes.  I will not feed into there hate.

nfl_brady_rodgers_d1_1296x729-640x480And I suppose you want my Super Bowl prediction.  I am going with Green Bay vs. New England.  Frankly I don’t see any team beating New England at this point, but you never know.  I think Tom Brady is on a revenge mission and there is little that anyone can do to stop him. Meh, I could be wrong.  Or I could be right.  Just don’t place any bets based on my guess.



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