Posted by: lylescott89 | February 7, 2017

Super Bowl LI Thoughts

16387061_10154916660178764_3931128044253120640_nHey kids,

It is time we all admit it; Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.  I don’t like him, but he’s the best. While I was growing up and even before Sunday I was firmly in the camp of Johnny Unitas.  But no more.  More on that in a bit, but first let me review the day and I am sure that there will be people that do not like what I have to say, but ask me if I care.  (I don’t)

I turned on the 279 hour pre-game show about 5 PM and was instantly regretful.  I saw an interview in which Terry Bradshaw spent about seven minutes kissing Tom Brady’s ass and licking his feet.  It was a love fest that I was not prepared for.  I went to go get a lovely beverage.


I decided that I would pay little to no attention until it was closer to game time.  Then Joe Buck introduced the Schuyler Sisters (Angelica, Eliza and Peggy) from Hamilton and I was intrigued.  They sang America the Beautiful and it was wonderfully sung.  I was worried that they were going to sing God Bless America; a song that could not be further from the truth.  As I understand it God loves everyone equally, however with the current administration based on racism, hate, bigotry and lies I can say without question that God apparently does not pay any attention to America.

This was followed by some hillbilly* named (and I had to look this up) Luke Bryan singing the national anthem.  I had never heard of this guy and I don’t know if I have ever heard that song sang any slower.  He was awful.

*apparently I need to clarify that I do not like country music and that I call anyone that performs it a hillbilly.  Considering the roots of country music I don’t see this as a big deal.

And then the coin toss.  It is and has always been my opinion that the toss be performed by the referee or at worst, a former Super Bowl MVP.  But no, we were treated to the slowest and I do mean the slowest wheelchair roll and golf cart driving seen this millennium.  Frankly I was okay with President Bush (the smart one) tossing the coin, but my god that walk/roll to midfield was interminable.  He may still be on the field for all I know.


The Falcons won the toss.  I have always said that in a big game I want my defense out there first to make a statement. However in this situation I grimaced when the Falcons deferred to the second half.  I know they stuffed the Patriots on three plays, but that misses the point.  Why give Tom Brady the ball to start the game?  Why put your not so great defense on the field any longer than necessary?  While the first drive and essentially the entire first half went the way of the Falcons, we all know what the defense looked like in the 4th quarter and overtime; tired.

Despite the lack of scoring by the Patriots (I picked them to win by a score of 36-31) I was pretty pleased.  I was rooting for the Falcons even though I picked the Pats to win.  Logic told me that the Falcons did not have the defense to keep the Pats down for an entire game and I was right, but I wanted to be wrong.  Kind of like how I was absolutely correct that Drumpf would be a complete and utter nightmare, but I hoped he would prove me wrong. He has not.

On a side note I am still completely disgusted with all of you morons that voted for that Tangerine Nightmare.  I have no respect for you.  If you don’t regret your vote by now there is no hope for you.  Get off my page and out of my life.  Now back to the game.

Atlanta went into halftime with a 21-3 lead and I went straight to the bathroom along with millions of others.  Thankfully they were not all in my bathroom.

320x486The halftime show was performed by Lady Gaga*.  I will now give me review: Um, I didn’t see it.  In fact, astute readers will know that I have not seen a Super Bowl halftime show since January 1993 when Michael Jackson performed.  After that I got a dog and spent every halftime taking him for a walk.  Now that he is gone I spend halftime doing the dishes, folding laundry and doing other menial tasks.  Until they get Weird Al for the halftime show I refuse to watch.

*Apparently I also need to clarify that I have nothing against Lady Gaga.  I am not a fan of her music, but I am sure she is immensely talented. I don’t watch the halftime shows ever and I don’t care who it is performing.  I like Paul McCartney, Prince and the Rolling Stones, but I did not see them either.

The second half saw the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and the first overtime ever in a Super Bowl.  It was epic and there was nothing the Falcons could do to stop Brady and the Patriots.  Their defense was exhausted and spent.  They played hard for three quarters, but that is all they had in them.  Still, had the Falcons just run the ball three damn times after Julio Jones’ catch at the 22 and kicked a field goal they would have won.  Instead they tried to throw, got sacked, had a holding penalty and ended up with a 4th and 33 and out of field goal range.  Was there anyone left that had any doubt that the Pats would win at that point?  Doubtful.

I suppose I should mention the commercials.  Meh.  I only remember the one with Melissa McCarthy and I have no idea what it was for anyway so…meh.

Thank goodness they did not drag out President Bush (the smart one) to flip the coin for overtime.  The OT was just Brady and his men stampeding towards the end zone and the game quickly ended.  In the back of my mind I secretly hoped for an OT that lasted until midnight, but I knew that would never happen.

16406638_1413083322118051_6411010052850728953_nAll in all I really enjoyed the game and now the dark days begin.  No, I do not mean the dark days that began on January 20th.  That’s enough doom and gloom for anyone.  I mean the dark days between the end of football season and the start of baseball.  Just like the impeachment of Drumpf, baseball season cannot get here fast enough for me.  I hope Drumpf is impeached before the season starts April 2nd.

That reminds me; I wrote a song for Drumpf:

F you F you F you Drumpf, Doo-dah! doo-dah!
You’re a slimy piece of shit, all the doo-dah day!

There is more, but you get the idea.  Seriously, I have never felt such hatred for one person in my entire life.  Anyway I hope you enjoyed the game and I know I am a tad bit behind, but be on the lookout for my thoughts on the Hall of Fame classes for both baseall and football.




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