Posted by: lylescott89 | February 12, 2017

The Latest Baseball & Football Hall of Fame Inductees


Hey kids,

I realize that the above cartoon has absolutely nothing to do with either hall of fame, but I thought it was funny.  So deal with it.

As is the tradition we have seen both the baseball and football hall of fame inductees for the 2017 classes.  As most readers now I have visited both the Football Hall in Canton, OH and the Baseball Hall in Cooperstown, NY.  Both are religious experiences, however I have to say that visiting Cooperstown was amazing.  But that is not what we are discussing today, we are talking inductees.  Let’s begin with baseball since those were announced first.

hqdefaultThere were three players elected to the hall this year; Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.  I’ll address them individually in a moment, however it is important to note something that I feel strongly about.  Any player that used steroids should be disqualified.  Any player that has the stench of steroids in their background should not be considered.  I don’t care how well that player played before he began steroid use.  Once you use them you are cheating and letting a cheater in is inexcusable.  Pete Rose never cheated on the game.  He never bet on the game while he was playing, yet he is banned for life for something he did after his playing career was over.  That makes no sense to me whole at the same time the hall is allowing steroid users to be inducted.  Last year Mike Piazza was inducted and while he was never caught using steroids, that stench was always a party of his career.  On a side note I am one of the few fans that saw Piazza play as a Dodger, a Marlin and a Met.  (He was only with the Marlins for five games)

I really had no problem with the election of Tim Raines except that there was no reason it should have taken 10 years for this to happen.  Raines was an outstanding player for both the Expos and White Sox though he did play for several other teams as well.  Oddly enough I wrote a paper in college about his free agency at the end of the 1986 season and how no team would take a chance on him.  This was in the era of collusion, when owners worked together to keep salaries down.  This kept Raines out of spring training and did not allow hm to play until May 1st, back with the Expos.  (I received an A) So to me Raines is a no doubt hall of famer.


I have problems with the other two.  I will say that in fairness part of my problem comes for the fact that Vladimir Guerrero was not elected in his first year of eligibility.  Voting for Vlad should have been a complete no-brainer, but somehow he fell short.  I have no idea why.  No steroids link, nine time all star, eight Silver Slugger awards and the 2004 AL MVP. How the hell do you not vote this man in?  Somehow you do not elect him, but you put vote Pudge in his first year of eligibility?  What is going on?

There is no evidence that Pudge ever used steroids, but he was named in Jose Canseco’s book as a user.  Say what you will about Canseco, but just about every player he named has either admitted being juiced or has had it proven.  Seems as though the odds are against Pudge, at least to me.  The other thing I find fishy is that when he was asked about it in 2003 he would not say anything except “only God knows”.  That seems like a cop out.

Bagwell is the same in my opinion.  While it was never proven and his name never came up in any reports, this quote from an old interview spoke volumes for me:  “…if I’m on the bubble, the amount of money that’s in the game, I probably would already have a needle in my butt. There’s too much money out there. If it does make you better, why wouldn’t you at least give it a shot to hang on? All you have to do is have one big year. Next thing you know you’re around for five or six more.”  Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?”  Really?  Oy!

But what can be done?  They have been elected and they will be inducted in July.  I just wish there was a sure fire way to find out who juiced and who did not.


Let’s talk football.  I am totally okay with TCU alum LaDainian Tomlinson.  (Riff, Ram, Bah Zoo Lickety, Lickety, Zoo, Zoo Who, Wah, Wah, Who Give “em Hell, TCU!)  That’s an easy one.  Five time Pro Bowler, three time first team All Pro, 13,684 career rushing yards, 2006 NFL MVP, etc.  He even had his TCU number retired as well as his Chargers number.

I am okay with Kurt Warner I guess though when I first heard he was in I kind of took a step back.  He had great years with the Rams and Cardinals, however his time with the Giants is best forgotten.  Still, I do think he is a qualified candidate.  Two time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP.

And then they elected the wrong Terrell.  Terrell Davis, who simply did not play long enough to warrant inclusion, was selected while Terrell Owens, a “no doubt about it” Hall of Famer, was not.  The only comparison between these two is the name and I can only wonder if the committee made an error when they wrote down the names.

Terrell Davis was an outstanding player, but only for a very brief period of time.  It was not his fault that he was injured, but rewarding him with an induction into the hall seems unnecessary.

On the other hand Terrell Owens should be in the hall.  Sure he was kind of an ass and not the best teammate, but that does not take away from the fact that he was an amazingly talented receiver.  He was denied entry because he allegedly did not get along with other. Oh boo hoo.  T.O. bounced around a lot and pissed off many, but you cannot deny that he is more than qualified for induction.  Unless you are really dumb.

Kenny Easley also dumbfounds me.  Again we have a player who was very good for a very short period of time.  Plus he retired in 1987 so if he was really a hall of famer shouldn’t he have been inducted years ago?

Morten Andersen.  Seriously?  He was a kicker with no vital kick in his entire career.  (for a real vital kick see players like Adam Vinateri)  The biggest kick of his entire career was when he missed a 30 yard field goal which enabled the Jacksonville Jaguars to make the playoffs.  If that is your biggest achievement nothing else needs to be said.

screen-shot-2016-08-16-at-8-52-26-pmJason Taylor?  You are kidding me right?  His biggest accomplishment is being the brother of the gorgeous Joy Taylor.  I cannot think of one play in Jason Taylor’s entire career that was memorable.  Not one.  he played on some mediocre Dolphins teams so maybe he stood out to somebody, but this guy is not worthy.

And speaking of not worthy we now come to the “dear God what the hell were they thinking” moment of the day.  Jerry Jones.  He started his ownership of the Cowboys by firing Tom Landry and replacing him with Jimmy Johnson.  Against all odds it worked.  Jimmy brought two Super Bowl Championships to the Cowboys in just five seasons.  Then Jones could not get along with him mostly because Jones demanded more control of the team.  So he hired a puppet named Barry Switzer.  Now Switzer did deliver a Super Bowl title in his second year, but if Johnson had still been the coach I have no doubt in my mind that the Cowboys would have won at least four in a row (sorry 1994 49ers) and likely several more before he actually wanted to retire.  (Consequently I truly believe that the Chicago Bulls would have won at least eight consecutive NBA Titles had Michael Jordan not retired to try baseball)  But then Jerry demanded full control over the draft and the team suffered for years and years.  Now they are finally back to prominence, but 1995 was a damn long time ago.  I suppose they give Jerry props for building a massive stadium and making the other owners more money, but is that what we want to see rewarded in the hall of fame?  An ability to make money for people that are already wealthy?  Ugh.

So there you have it kids.  Disagree all you want.  I don’t care.  I wonder if sports will survive in the current fascist dictatorship we now live in?  One can only hope.





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