Posted by: lylescott89 | March 9, 2017

Welcome Back Survivor


WARNING: This blog entry contains spoilers of the season premiere episode of Survivor Game Changers.  Proceed at your own risk.

Hey kids,

Why in the world did we have to wait so long for this season of Survivor to begin?  Well it was dues to a show called Hunted being pushed by CBS.  I did not watch Hunted and have not spoken to anyone who has, but it looked awful.  Anyway we finally got the premiere episode and while this will not be a recap like I used to do, I do want to share a few thoughts.

For those who do not know I am a Survivor junkie.  I have watched it from the beginning and have not missed a season yet.  I have seen every episode and I have watched every reunion show except for one; Season 28.  I skipped that reunion show after the winner was revealed because I absolutely hated him.  That was Tony and yes, he was back this year though fortunately not for long.


When Jeff announced the Game Changers plan last fall I was less than enthused.  I have always been the type that preferred a new cast as opposed to returning players.  Plus the returning players included three winners (well technically four since Sandra has won twice) and several players making their third or fourth attempt at winning this game.  I really would like to see the maximum appearances by any one person set at two.  In addition there are a few players this season that I simply cannot stand.

It was absolutely thrilling to see Tony voted out in just the second Tribal Council.  I hated that guy the first time around and he came out this time simply acting insane.  Why would anyone have given this nut another million bucks?  Tony ran around making silly noises and made a sorry ass attempt at making an “underground spy shack”.  So to see Tony go quickly was quite the blessing for me.  But who else bugs me?  (And for the record when Ciera was voted off first I, along with the rest of the Survivor fan based, simply shrugged. Meh.)

  •  Cirie – I was kind of indifferent to Cirie the first time she was on.  I did not like her the second time at all and I despised her on her third try.  Why is she back?  I don’t know because like most of the people on this edition I really cannot figure out what they did to make a game change.
  • Ozzy – I hated him the first, second and third time he was on.  I cannot stand this guy and although he is a good competitor, I find him to be a boring person.
  • Brad – Now I realize that he played for the Bucs and I was certainly okay with him then because I never had to listen to him talk.  Plus this guy is a successful attorney with his picture on billboards all over this area.  I don’t think he needs a million dollars and it just bugs me when a rich, white guy gets a chance to get wealthier.  But, that’s pretty much the American way I guess.  Go Canada!

I am happy to see Debbie back though she was hardly a game changer.  She was just, and still is, a crazy lady on the island.  I’d like to see her and Coach get together to see who wins the crazy contest.


Hali is on the show is so is Sarah.  If someone could please remind me who these people are and what they did that would be great.

And how exactly is Caleb on the show?  His claim to fame is passing out last year and being medically evacuated.  That’s a game changer?  And did anyone else, besides me, start to cringe when he started digging in the sand during that challenge?

Despite the fact that I was not all that thrilled with the idea of this season I did think that the two hour premiere was spectacular.  You had a bunch of people that kind of knew each other desperately trying to figure out how to play the game.  Do they do what worked in the past or do they try another method.  It was interesting.

The challenges were good and as expected, Jeff always looked at the ground while saying “come on in guys”.  I don’t know why, but I love that.  What the heck is he looking at?


I still want to see a season of Survivor featuring only former contestants that were the first ones to be voted off in their respective seasons.  Who would not want to see the return of Sonja Christopher and her ukulele?  I can dream I suppose.

So onward with this season.  We already have a tribal change coming up next week and it appears they are going to three tribes of six each.  Fun times ahead.

Oh and I hope everyone had a wonderful #BaconWednesday.





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