Posted by: lylescott89 | March 30, 2017

Thursday’s Kibbles & Bits


Hey kids,

Did everyone have a great #BaconWednesday?  I certainly hope so.  I get letters every week from people asking what kind of bacon I have each week.  So I’m starting a new segment called “This Week in Bacon”.   This week I had a delicious Hormel Black Label Original Bacon.  I really would like to see a bacon truck in the neighborhood.

I know you are wondering why I have named this entry after dog food and I will tell you.  This is one of those blogs in which I give random thoughts and I had just randomly thought of Kibbles and Bits so I am sure you can deal with it.  Let’s get started shall we?

Last night’s episode of Survivor was just epic.  I loved the way Debbie went crazy and essentially created her own reality.  I also like the way that she suddenly morphed into doing push ups and somehow declared that if she was voted out then all of her clothes would go to Hali.  It was so bizarre and I loved it.

When I am traveling and checking for WiFi I see some interesting names.  One that I see way too often that is not the least bit interesting is “FBI Surveillance Van”.  Stop it.  If this is you please change it immediately.  It is stupid.  Absolutely no one believes that the FBI would use that as their WiFi name because they wouldn’t.

I have never seen a Fast and/or Furious movie and I never will.  I still can’t believe they keep making these.

I’ve never seen The Karate Kid or any of its sequels.  I was almost forced to watch it once, but I lucked out and the VHS copy would not work.  I truly believe that was a blessing from the movie gods.

a7319a083fb87a5ef14a118c218a35baThis tweet from Chrissy Teigen to Fox “News” is my new favorite tweet of all time:

“I respectfully ask you please don’t ever tag me in anything, ever. Words cannot explain how much I detest you.”

Words cannot express how much I detest Fox “News” either.  When I see someone at the gym watching it I figure they are either a complete idiot or have no idea how to change the channel.

I really do not care that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, however the move seems kind of dumb to me.  There are a whole lot of things to do in Vegas; not so much in Oakland.  And what about the lame duck status of the Raiders in that town?  Why would you go and support a team that is deserting you in two years?  That said, I desperately need to return to Vegas and I have no intention of attending a football game when I am there.  Anyone want to go?  I’m ready!

Dear Guy on Motorcycle weaving behind me wanting me to go faster: If I go faster I will hit the guy in front of me so chill out asshole.  You will get where you are going eventually.

There are approximately 4200 religions in the world.  I refuse to believe that 4199 of them are wrong.  Every time I see people handing out bibles on a street corner I wonder how they would react if someone stood on the opposite corner handing out copies of the Quran.  Despite the fact that we have religious freedom, based on how ape shot they get over a red coffee cup or someone saying “Happy Holidays” I am pretty sure they’d bitch and moan about it.

Each morning I wake up wondering if could hate Drumpf more than I already do.  The answer is always yes.  I do hate that POS more every day.  There are also 62 million people in this country that I have no respect for and pretty much despise.  I don’t care if you are my oldest friend; I don’t like you.

We used to be a respected nation.  Now we are the laughingstock of the world.  We may never recover.

I do not wish disease or death on anyone.  That said, if Drumpf were hit by a bus and then thrown off a cliff I would not shed a tear.

A couple of weeks ago I walked in a Walk of Peace and met these two wonderful women.

United Faiths Walk of Peace (173)

They also went to the Women’s March in DC in January.  These are the kind of people that make me proud.  These are the kind of people that get my respect.  These are the real Americans.






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