Posted by: lylescott89 | April 19, 2017

Red Car, Yellow Car, Blue Car; You call that a Car Show?


Hey kids,

A very happy #BaconWednesday to you all.  Last week I was so happy with the Smithfield Original bacon that I again had that this week.  It was delicious, as expected.  Just a couple of things today so I’ll get right to them.

Last week I heard that the Miami Marlins had commissioned a nine foot tall statue of pitcher Jose Fernandez.  For those who do not know Fernandez was killed last September in a boating accident.  His death was tragic; make mo mistake about that. He was a young pitcher that had a great start to his career with a promising future. He also had a baby on the way.  It is rightful to mourn his death.  A life taken too soon. However, the circumstances around his death make the idea of a statue quite disturbing.


Fernandez had a career record of 38-17 with a 2.89 ERA and was a beloved pitcher in Miami.  It looked as though he had the world at his feet and an enormous future in the game of baseball and life.  But one night he and two friends decided to go out on their boat.  It was the middle of the night.  The boat crashed into some rocks and all three aboard were killed.  The final accident report showed that Fernandez was driving the boat at a speed in excess of 65 MPH.  In addition the blood alcohol level of Fernandez was almost twice the legal limit and there was cocaine in his system.  According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission:

“Fernandez operated (the boat) with his normal faculties impaired, in a reckless manner, at an extremely high rate, in the darkness of night, in an area with known navigational hazards such as rock jetties and channel markers,”

sfl-fl0041764232-20160925Had he survived, his actions would have resulted in boating under the influence-manslaughter, vessel homicide and five other charges.

How does this person warrant a statue?  I don’t understand it.  The families of the passengers on the boat have both filed lawsuits against Fernandez’s estate.  I wonder what they think of a statue honoring the person whose recklessness led to their family member’s death?

And now for something a little less serious.  At the nearby McDonald’s they have signs advertising a “Car Show” every Saturday night.  I am not the kind of person that would go to a car show nor do I have any interest in cars whatsoever.  If I want to see cars I’ll set up a chair by the highway and watch them go by.

Anyway I have driven past this McDonald’s every Saturday for the past several weeks and each week I see the exact same thing.  A red car, a blue car and a yellow car.  They are all shiny and they all have their hoods up.  Why they have the hoods up I have no idea.  Why not open the trunk too?  I could not tell you what kind of cars they are.  Sitting near these cars in lawn chairs are three old guys.  I can only assume that the old guys are the owners of the three cars.  They are sitting there chatting and smoking while the cars sit there, presumably, talking with each other as well.  There is no one looking at the cars. There is no one stopping to take a peek under the hood.   There are virtually no humans within 25 feet of the old guys or their cars.  So is this really a car show?


Recently I saw an episode of Man with a Plan (not a particularly good show) in which the two main characters had passes to a real car show at the same time their wives had tickets for Lord of the Dance.  The guys had to devise a lie so they could get out of the dance show (I would have preferred that) and go see the cars.  It worked, temporarily, and they got themselves to the car show.  They took a third friend and he said something like “we’re here, now what do we do?”  (I had the same reaction as I would have no clue what I’d do at a car show)  The response was a rather confused “well, we look at cars”.

So here’s to the three old guys that have devised a unique plan; a so-called “car show” so they could spend Saturday nights chatting with each other, smoking cigars and avoiding doing things with their spouses.  Good work guys!



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