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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: ABC


Hey kids,

Sir Griffin has joined us with a look at the fall TV season.  It is a pleasure to have him and his intelligent and wise opinions here.  However, before we get to him a little house cleaning.  I had said previously that I was no longer allowing this blog to post on Facebook.  I have reversed that for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have essentially emancipated myself from Facebook and I am a happier person for it.  I do not go on there because it is filled with stupidity and negativity.  I don’t care about any of that.  So if you see my posts and you feel the need to comment, click like, dislike or post a picture of an eggplant go right ahead.  I’m not going to see it.
  2. This blog has nothing to do with Herr Drumpf, his giant pumpkin head, his incredible laziness, his ignorance, his incessant lies or his asinine followers.  Thus I will not be writing about how much I despise him, how he’s an orange man baby or how anyone that voted for or supports him in any way shape or form is a fricking idiot that I have exactly zero respect for and I do not want in my life. (Please note that I would have said fucking idiot, but I have been asked to keep the foul language to a minimum)

So with that in mind I hand things over to the great, the powerful, the amazing Sir Griffin Stromboli.  (Insert uproarious applause here)

Greetings my friends.  I am Sir Griffin Stromboli and I am here to take my annual look at the fall TV schedule.  We start with ABC for no reason except that it is first alphabetically. Please keep in mind that my focus will only be shows premiering in the fall.  Mid-season shows have no bearing right now.  And here we go…

Ten Days in the Valley – (Premieres 10/1/17) – Kyra Sedgewick stars as a TV producer whose life turns upside down when her daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. Yawn.  I am pretty sure we have seen this before about 100 times.  About 10 years ago there was a show called Kidnapped that starred Timothy Hutton and it sounds pretty similar.  Of course there is now a movie in theatres called Kidnap starring Halle Berry. Anyway it looks as though this show also has a bit of a soap opera feel since the trailer shows Kyra’s ex-husband hooking up with Kyra’s best friend or something lame like that. In any case this show, despite having a great cast, looks like crap to me.  Odds of me watching?  About the same as me visiting the ER with a pogo stick injury.


The Good Doctor – (Premieres 9/25/17) – Freddie Highmore stars as an autistic pediatric surgeon.  He is incredibly talented and can save the lives that no one else can.  Kind of sounds like House minus the asshole.  Naturally he has the one guy that defends his abilities above all others and the requisite mean people that don’t think an autistic person should be performing surgery. I do believe I have mentioned in the past how much I dislike medical dramas, yes?  Oh good then you instantly know where I stand on this one. Odds of me watching?  About the same as Jessica Alba coming to my house and saying “take me, I’m all yours”.

The Mayor – (Premieres 10/3/17) – This is an alleged comedy about a young rapper (are their old rappers?) who decides he can promote his music by running for mayor.  But lo and behold he wins!  Okay I am sorry I have to state the obvious, however if I want to watch a show (albeit a tragedy of epic proportions as opposed to a comedy) about an idiot who is incompetent, totally out of his league and a complete failure at his job I’ll watch the news.  Or maybe I can just go on twitter and see what that fuckwad has done to destroy a country.

***Sorry, but I must interrupt you Sir Griffin as you have gone off on a tangent and have used foul language.  Please try and keep things clean.  And now back to you***

My apologies.  Anyway The Mayor has a couple of people in the cast I really like; Lea Michelle (I wonder if anyone has ever mentioned to her that she has two first names) and Yvette Nicole Brown.  That said I still cannot imagine that this train wreck will succeed.  Chances of me watching?  About the same as me being Canonized.


Kevin (Probably) Save the World – (Premieres 10/3/17) – I have to admit I am a little confused by this one.  When I first saw the pilot this was called The Gospel of Kevin and starred Cristela Alonzo as Yvette, Kevin’s (Jason Ritter) guardian angel. Now Cristela is gone (she is wonderful so I have no idea why) and her character is now being played by Kimberly Hebert Gregory; a woman I had to Google and still have no idea who she is.  In any case I hope she is as brilliant as Cristela was in the pilot. The show is about this guy named Kevin that never thinks of anyone but himself.  He moves back in with his twin sister (Joanna Garcia Swisher, an actress I adore and watched on a really stupid show called Animal Practice, but she would have been much more entertaining if she had just read the phone book instead of being on that piece of crap) and then discovers a meteor or something containing the celestial being known as Yvette.  She gives him a mission to save the world.  Although this story line is again a retread of many other shows and movies, the cast is wonderful and by golly it was just plain fun to watch. I am planning on giving this one a try.  So for those keeping count this is the first show I have discussed that I am interested in watching.


Inhumans – (Premieres 9/29/17) – This is the story of the current republican members of congress aka the guys that don’t give a shit about you, but for some reason you keep voting for them.

***I’m sorry to interrupt again, but Sir Griffin you must keep your language under control or I will not let you do the CBS shows later this week.  Besides, that is not what that show is about.***

Again, I must apologize as I was once more given some fake news.  Actually this is a spin off (of sorts) from Agents of Shield.  Now I will tell you that I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I also loved the TV show Jessica Jones and I liked Daredevil too.  I even watched Agents of Shield for a while until I got bored.  I started hating the characters and I really was annoyed at how everyone seemed to have super powers all of a sudden.  In reality I have grown tired of the super hero genre on TV.  I am even thinking of giving up on Supergirl after last years lackluster season.  And I just realized that I have not even told you what this show is about.  It revolves around the Royal Inhuman Family led by Black Bolt.  His power?  Well he can cause destruction with his own voice.  Kind of like a certain asshole that recently threatened to destroy North Korea I suppose.  Really, how is this different from X-Men?  They are both Marvel properties so why do they need two things that are essentially the same?  Let’s face it, I am not going to watch this so no need to give you odds.  But I will anyway.  Chances of me watching?  About the same as me becoming this year’s NFL MVP.

I’d like to tell you about Deception, however no premiere date has been set so thus it does not qualify as a fall TV premiere.  In any case it looks a lot like Castle, but with a magician as opposed to a writer.

So there you have it; the ABC fall schedule with a mere one show worth watching. Thanks to my great friend Lyle for allowing me this opportunity to share my thoughts. I’ll be back soon with a look at the shows from CBS.

And thank you Sir Griffin.  Your TV insights are always thought provoking and somewhat amusing.  Thanks for reading kids.




  1. You have some good writing going on. There are more shows to watch here 🙂

  2. I know this is just one network, however, it appears as if things are not off to a good start.

    • Believe me when I say things are not going to get much better.

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