Posted by: lylescott89 | October 2, 2017

Your Thoughts and Prayers are Worthless


Without demanding stricter gun laws, background checks, mental healthcare—”thoughts & prayers” may as well be bullets in the next shooting. – John Pavlovitz

Hey kids,

Like most everyone else I awoke this morning to the horrific news from Las Vegas.  Yet another mass shooting in this country.  I sighed.  I felt emotionless.  I was numb to the fact that there was another terrorist (and make no mistake about it, this person was a terrorist in every sense of the word) and another attack on innocent people just trying to enjoy their lives.  It makes no sense and it has happened so often that it no longer comes as a shock.  I am no longer surprised.  It’s just something that happens on an almost daily basis.  I am no longer crying over the senseless loss of life.  Our priorities in this country are so fucked up I can’t take it any longer.  People of all sorts of backgrounds died last night and this morning as a result of a terrorist. This affects all of us.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was NOT a “lone wolf”, he was NOT “mentally ill”, he was a TERRORIST. End white privilege today. – David Letterman

I am disgusted that this country embraces and holds the 2nd amendment to a much higher priority that the 1st.  That it holds it to be more valuable than life itself.

Quite frankly there is no better way to desecrate and dishonor the flag and the national anthem than by murdering innocent people.  But please keep bitching about NFL players protesting social injustice.


Stephen Paddock was a terrorist. His mass killing was made easy by the lack of gun control that morons consider a ‘freedom’. – Tommy Campbell

We do not need your useless “thoughts and prayers”.  It’s way too late for that.  We need action.  We need the members of congress to stand up for the country and not bow to Drumpf or the NRA.  No one needs an assault rifle.  And don’t let me hear any shit about how guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Your stupid little slogans mean nothing.  Especially when we have the Fuckwad in Chief allowing the mentally ill to purchase guns and promising to sign a bill that allows silencers to be sold.  How many more people have to be murdered?  I have an idea, instead of selling assault rifles just start selling the same things the found fathers had; muskets.


And did anyone else notice that the Piece of Shit Drumpf didn’t call Paddock a son of a bitch?  Probably had nothing to do with his skin color.  (Insert huge eye roll here)

I guarantee there are sicko’s out there in America right now thinking: “I can do better than that.”  Guarantee it. And it will happen. And it will continue to happen. Because our nation is paralyzed by the gun lobby. The shame is ours. The responsibility is ours. Until we do something about it. – Kevin McQuade

Today is October 2nd, the 275th day of the year.  In those 275 days there have been 273 mass shootings in the US.  You want a great America?  It starts with keeping people safe.  And do not even get me started on Puerto Rico.

Yes, I am angry.  The NRA and the gun manufacturers could not be happier as their stocks soared today.  These are sick and twisted individuals. For the record I do not care about your opinion.  You cannot defend this in any way, shape or form.

You can all take your thoughts and prayers and put then aside because without action, prayer is meaningless.

We don’t need thoughts. We don’t need prayers. We need gun control. – Jesus Christ

And Rest in Peace Tom Petty.




  1. I am numb. Your words summed it all up for me.

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