Posted by: lylescott89 | November 6, 2017

I have got to take a break


Can you imagine living in a world where children are mowed down in church, but baking a cake for two men makes you hire a lawyer? – Martha Plimpton

Hey kids,

Another mass shooting.  Ho hum.  More thoughts and prayers from those that do not do anything about the gun epidemic and mental illness in this country.  Yawn.  I have, as I said previously, become immune and that is pathetic.  Maybe we should take guns away from all white men as that apparently is the problem, but I digress.


I previously got myself off of Facebook, though I did occasionally go back and see what was going on. But I’m sick of the stupidity.  I am tired of the narcissism.  I am tired of seeing morons get more worked up over people kneeling for a song instead of doing something that actually matters and makes a difference in the world.  Heck, let’s change the anthem to Born to Run and see what happens.  In all seriousness if you stopped watching the NFL because less than 1% of the players knelt for a song then you really have issues.

I have had enough of people bitching about an attraction closing at Walt Disney World instead of realizing that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.  Same goes for the yokels making a big deal at where the cheese is on a picture of a cheeseburger.  I’m tired of it all.  With the holiday season coming I expect to see the full spectrum of forcing “Merry Christmas” on everyone and getting pissed at being wished “Happy Holidays”.  No more social media for me for the rest of the year.  I’ve had it.

So I am going off the grid for a while.  Our priorities are totally out of whack in this wretched country and bitching about them does nothing.  I’m going to see what I can do about making things better instead of complaining.  This is tough because I am an expert at complaining.


I also have to get myself away from anyone associated with that pile of shit Drumpf.  I’ve said it a thousand times, but again; I have never felt so much hate for one person in my entire life.  How anyone could call themselves a Christian and then cast a vote for a “man” that is a blatant misogynist, a white supremacist, an adulterer and a habitual liar is beyond my comprehension.  How any woman voted for a jackass that bragged about sexually assaulting women is completely incomprehensible.  Again I do not respect any alleged human that voted for that putz and I am damn sick and tired of reading about his nonsense and the deplorable people that support him.  So Twitter is gone too.

I am taking a break for my own sanity.  Going off the grid sounds pretty good right now.  Though I will probably continue to post a blog or two, the next time I’ll See you on social media is 2018 or when Drumpf is arrested and sent to prison.  Whichever comes first.




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