Posted by: lylescott89 | September 6, 2018

The 99th NFL Season Begins


Hey kids,

First I want to thank you all for the incredible response to my last post.  I tend to write less when I get no feedback, which is probably why you kids give me so little feedback, but nonetheless my inbox was overflowing with positive comments.  The comments were so positive that they inspired me to do something.  I was already in need of a new pair of shoes so I checked to see if any Nike’s were on sale.  By golly they were.  And, to top it off, I had $20.00 in rewards at JCPenney that I had forgotten about!  So now I am the proud owner of these marvelous and incredibly comfortable shoes.


So now we can get to the real business at hand and that is the 99th season of the NFL which begins in Philadelphia this evening.  As always, I am extremely excited.  No, I do not expect a lot out of the Buccaneers.  I expect nothing less than them winning every game and scoring thousands of points.  Again, I also expect reality to sneak in sometime around 2 PM on Sunday when they have a meager field goal and are looking at yet another three and out.  Still, I’ll be watching each and every game and cheering them on.

Allow me to once again get this out of the way; I am sick and freaking tired of the damn Patriots.  Ugh.  Can Tom Brady just go home, snuggle the wife, play with the kids and eat some of those shitty “performance meals” he promotes?  Stay home Tom.  Please.  Alas, Tom will not stay home and once again we will see the Pats win that division because, and I do not say this lightly, the Bills suck, the Jets suck and the Dolphins suck.  Oh sure, the Bills snuck into the playoffs last year, but no one is getting fooled to the point that they think they will win the division.  Maybe some drunk guy in Orchard Park, but that’s about it.


In other news, it was great to see the Eagles stick it to the Pats in the Super Bowl last year.  What was not great was Adam deciding to show me the video on YouTube of some Philly fan eating horse manure off the ground during the celebration.  Frankly, that is not how I celebrate.  Call me boring if you must, but I am good with a pizza and some wings.

I really think the Eagles were hitting on all rotator cuffs last year and really just got rolling at the right time.  Everything fell into place perfectly and they took advantage.  We’ve seen it before and we will see it again.  I don’t think we will see the Eagles repeat as Super Bowl Champs nor as NFC Champs, but as I am always wrong with my predictions, I would not put money on my guesses.

So who do I think will be playing in the…hang on, I have to check the proper name of the stadium.  It’s the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta as opposed to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans or any of the three Mercedes-Benz Arenas in Stuttgart, Berlin or Shanghai.  Nope, it’s the one in Atlanta.  And it’s Super Bowl LIII for those wondering.  Who will be playing?  Well, if you go by my picks you will only know who will not be there.


But, before I get to that I want to mention that I was looking at the so-called expert’s picks and I have to say that they have little to no ability to make picks that are out of the ordinary.  Several offered a rematch of last year with the exact same results.  Several picked the Pats and many went with the Packers.  All viable choices, but I felt like going a bit wild this year so without further ado (and seriously, how much ado does one really need) here are my picks for Super Bowl LIII:

Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons

Now, I am just realizing that will mean the Falcons will not only be playing in their home stadium, but they will be the designated home team as well.  Huh.  Now I know that is really stepping out, but with my picks always going so horribly wrong I figured I had nothing to lose.

Enjoy the season kids.




  1. Those are some niquestions looking Nikes!

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