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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: NBC


Hey kids,

Please join me in welcoming back our good friend, Sir Griffin Stromboli.  Sir Griffin has flown in all the way from England to once again enthrall us with his insights and thoughts on the upcoming Fall TV Season.  Now, before I hand over the reins allow me to set the ground rules for our guest.  I have, as always, asked Sir Griffin to keep his profanity to a minimum.  While this blog does have its share of vulgar language at times, the TV preview is not the place for that.  We like to reserve the vulgar language when we speak of social injustice as well as fat orange people with tiny hands and his supporters.  Next, we will stick with only the main networks.  ABC, CBS and NBC are the gimmes and we include FOX and the CW as well since they are technically networks.  Cable channels, Netflix and Hulu programs, though often superior, are not permitted. So, with all that in mind allow me to introduce to you all, direct from London, the Bard of Bardmoor, Sir Griffin Stromboli.

(Generous applause and some laughter)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My dear friend Pedro it is so nice to be back in America, where it really is not that great.

Excuse me Sir Griffin, but my name is not Pedro.

Oh, sorry old chap.  It’s nice to see you again Troy.

Um, never mind.  So, Sir Griffin I understand that you were part of the big protests that happened in Merry Olde England this past summer when the Orange Wanker came to town.

Yes indeed, Leonard, I certainly was.  I even brought a picture of myself to show all of your my adoring fans.

That is wonderful.  I don’t think many of our readers have ever seen you before so please show us the photo.

Alrighty then Olaf, take a look right here.


Wow, nice shirt Sir Griffin!

Thanks chap!  And now, let us begin…

I am starting with NBC this year.  As we all know I generally prefer to go alphabetically or at least somewhat close to that, but NBC only has three new shows this fall and two of them look good while the third looks like a huge pile of shit covered in fuck mustard.

Please Sir Griffin, I have asked you to keep your language clean.  And fuck mustard is not even a thing.

Well, not in America.  And once again we begin.

Manifest - Season 1

Manifest – I have always been a big fan of weird shit on TV and movies. (Sir Griffin!)  I enjoyed Lost, I was always a big Twilight Zone fan and anything that involves bizarre and essentially impossible things will always pique my interest.  Manifest is a drama about Montega Flight 828.  For the 191 passengers and crew, only a few hours have passed since they they left Jamaica.  For the rest of the world it has been five and a half years.  No one on the flight has aged a day.  No one will be the least bit happy to find out that their home country has been taken over by white supremacists, liars, cheaters, misogynists, assholes and a giant orange fuckwad.  (I’ll allow it) Also, no one will believe that the Cubs won the World Series.   In any case, I have seen the first 15 minutes or so of this show and I was completely enthralled.  The show stars Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Beth Stone and Josh Dallas as her brother Ben.  There are kids involved, old people, young people, police, etc.  Something is going on and this show will likely drive some people nuts.  The people that can’t handle waiting for a mystery to play itself out.  It looks great.  Chances of me watching?  100% (Premieres September 24th)


I Feel Bad – From executive producer Amy Poehler, I Feel Bad is a comedy about Emet; a wife, mother and career woman who feels bad about, well just about everything as far as I could tell.  I love a good comedy and I adore Amy Poehler so if she’s got her hands on a project, I am in.  Sarayu Rao, aka Sarayu Blue, plays Emet.  If you think you have seen her in something before, you probably have.  She has had guest roles in shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Bones, The Real O’Neals to name a few and she was a main character on the short lived series, No Tomorrow.  Actually she was by far the most interesting character on that show.  So yes, I like her and I find the premise of this show highly amusing.  Even though I am not a woman, I have been told many times that I am quite effeminate and I don’t mind that.  Heck, I cried at the end of Crazy Rich Asians and I am pretty sure if I saw it a second time, I would cry again.  Damn that was a good movie.  (Please stay on point Sir Griffin)  Oh, sorry.  My point is that I can completely relate to Emet.  Life is not perfect, but you want it to be and you try to make it prefect and you just fuck things up over and over again.

(Sir Griffin, I am warning you with Peace and Love…STOP IT!)

My bad.  In any case the show looks damn funny and I am going to laugh every time she can’t stand the sight of her kids and know that I can totally relate when I have to see Lady Sophia Lasagna and Lord Henry Cannoli.  Chances of me watching?  100%.  (Premieres September 19th)


New Amsterdam – Back in 2008, a show premiered on Fox with this same title.  It was about an immortal Dutch guy named John Amsterdam living (obviously) and working in NYC as a homicide detective.  It lasted all of eight episodes which was seven too many.  Now comes a medical show with the same title that we can only hope sees a similar fate.  Now, we must clarify once again that I despise medical shows.  I hate them with a passion.  I hate the blood, I hate the phony doctor shit.  (HEY!)  MASH was fine, but that’s it.  And no I am not going to take the time to put the little asterisks in.  I am lucky I have spell check so I can spell asterisk.  This show looks like schlock and mush on the highest of levels.  It stars Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist) as an immortal Dutch Doctor named John Amsterdam curing patients with magic spells and touching them with his wand.  Okay, that’s a lie because I would actually watch that show.  He is actually Dr. Max Goodwin, a phony name if I ever heard one, and follows his comic misadventures as he becomes the medical director of a hospital run entirely by squirrels.  Okay, that’s not true either because I would watch a show about a Squirrel Hospital.  He is the medical director of one of the oldest public hospitals in the country and he wants to reform their practices and make people healthy and do things differently and save the world one patient at a time.  Now, I am all for universal healthcare in your country.  If you guys would just try it, you’d fucking love it.  (Sir Griff…I’ll allow it)  But here we have a show about a doctor who has ideals beyond what anyone else has ever thought of before and though he will have trials along the way, he will succeed.  OMG I can hear the violin music playing now.  Chances of me watching this shit filled festival of fart bottom hospital crap that does not include squirrels or immortal Dutch guys?  Zero Point Zero.  (Premieres September 25th.)

Dang it Sir Griffin that is enough.  If you keep up the foul language this week I will have no choice but to make you the official at Serena Williams’ next tennis match.

No, not that!  I will behave Clarence, I will behave.






  1. Sir Griffin, glad you are back. Love the potty mouth (don’t tell Clarence). The offspring and I are excited about Manifest. I will give I Feel Bad a shot. No way the last one will be viewed. Heck, I dont even recall the title, and I am not scrolling up to see.

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