Posted by: lylescott89 | September 13, 2018

Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: Fox


Hey kids,

Well here we are towards the end of the preview with just two networks to go.  Sir Griffin has promised me two things today:

  1. He will be brief
  2. There will be no profanity as Brits do not swear on Thursdays

I cannot say that I trust in either of those promises, but I will let him have the floor yet again.  Take it away Sir Griffin.

Thank you Albert.  And I am just fine, thank you for asking.  I was thinking about how much you Americans love your Facebook.

Yes, it is quite the popular thing.  Don’t you Brits have it as well?

We do, however, we tend to utilize the much more popular Arsebook.


Yes, Arsebook.  It is the same basic concept, but much more private and much more secure.  You see, no faces are allowed.  The only profile photo allowed is a photo of your arse.

Uh, doesn’t that make it difficult to recognize anyone?

You’d be surprised.  Would you like to see mine?


Very well then, on with the show.  Fox has a mere two offerings this fall, both of which are comedies.  They have also resurrected a piece of garbage.  For some reason, some bonehead decided it would be a good idea to bring back one of the most unwatchable, unfunny, ridiculously stupid and borderline offensive shows on TV.  I speak of that crap pile known as Last Man Standing.  It was mercifully killed by ABC and off the air for a full year and for who knows what reason, some idiot with a finger up his butt decided, hey, we need a show that is awful and that appeals to the lowest common denominator of TV viewer.  Thus the return of the shit show.

Hey!  It’s Thursday!

I lied.  Moving on…

I’ll start with the one of the two shows that I have already seen.


Rel – This comedy stars comedian Lil Rel Howery, who may be best known as the TSA guy in Get Out, as a successful man living in Chicago trying to rebuild his life after a divorce.  His wife, now ex-wife, had an affair with is barber which left Rel not only without a wife, but sadly, without a barber as well.  The show also stars Sinbad (whom I know you met back in the 80’s, isn’t that correct, Walter?) as Rel’s father.

Yes, that is true.  My brush with greatness.  As I recall he kept calling me John.

The show also stars a beautiful woman named Jess Hilarious, which I found fascinating because she actually was hilarious!  I love it when someone gives themselves a nickname that actually is true.  I mean, is Larry the Cable Guy really a cable guy or just a completely unfunny and shitty comedian?

Again, I must warn you with peace & love, though you are doing better.

In any case I did find the show to be humorous and I liked the cast very much.  I mean, Lil Rel was my favorite character in Get Out so he should have his own show.  Still, I am a tad bit apprehensive of any comedy that fox shoves in with their crappy Sunday night cartoons.  Chances of me watching?  75% (Premiered September 9th)


The Cool Kids – From the people that brought you the tremendously unfunny It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, comes a show that kind of looks funny.  Set in a retirement community, this show brings the marvelous Vicki Lawrence back to TV.  Basically it’s the story of three old guys who are the big dogs in a retirement community.  Suddenly Vicki shows up and throws everyone off kilter.  Since I am an old person (and frankly, none of these cast member are really that old; Okay, maybe Martin Mull) I enjoy the old people humor.  I also love Vicki Lawrence and Leslie Jordan so having them together in a show is almost perfect.  Plus the idea of all of them getting into trouble and doing dumb things intrigues me.  I definitely want to give this a try and I desperately want this show to be good and damned funny.  Chances of me watching at least the first three episodes?  100%.  After that?  We shall see.  (Premieres September 28th)

Another great big thank you goes to Sir Griffin who seems to be headed off to the bathroom.  Geez, he wasn’t kidding about this “being old” thing.  We will finish tomorrow with a look at CBS.  Until then kids…



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