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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: CBS


Hey kids,

Today will be Sir Griffin’s final day with us, but not to worry as he has left me a list of some shows he would like to recommend to you on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.  Plus a few tidbits on returning programs.  As always, he is very excited about the return of another season of Survivor.

Friends, I am a little down today.  I had a bit of a rough night last night, but I spoke with an old friend this morning and her words of encouragement helped me out immensely.  Still, I am not fully back to my full self so please bear with me for today as I give free rein to Sir Griffin.  He can swear as much as he’d like and can insult anyone and everyone.  So let’s get right to it.  Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Griffin Stromboli.

(Applause like you have never heard before)

I am sorry old friend, I know that someone hurt you yesterday and that is not right.  When we were children we were told by our teachers, guidance counselors and parents (well, not my parents, but you get the idea) that we could do anything when we grew up if we just worked hard.  That’s a lie.  We cannot do anything alone.  We need others to help us along the way.  To encourage us and support us.  You need someone to give you a chance.  You need to someone to say to you “hey, we want to take a chance on you so please come work with us”.  You can be the best at whatever you do, but if you are unable to catch that break, then you’re out of luck.  Rah, rah America.

And it’s not just that.  He had recommended I give Buy me a Coffee a try to get some funds for my business.  He did and in about a month or so had already raised over $500.00.  I opened mine up and in a month I have raised $0.00.  A guidance counselor in school once told me I was born with a black cloud over my head.  I have a feeling she was correct.

Okay, I get it and I am sorry.  Let’s put your Buy me a Coffee link here and perhaps someone will help.Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Sure, one last story that I need to let go.  Back in 2014 I asked someone to help me start my business.  Someone with a lot of capital.  He/she said yes, they would help and was going to to get back to me with the details in a few days.  A few days later I contacted him/her and he/she said not to worry, I was going to get the help I needed.  About a week to 10 days later I was told he/she changed his/her mind.  Too risky for a millionaire.  I was devastated.  About eight months later I was able to take out a small business loan for $15K, of which I have paid half back.  I’m a credit risk?  Money and I have never been particularly close friends.   

Thanks for sharing and completely and utterly depressing us all.

Today we look at CBS which has several new offerings.  I am gong to keep this fairly short today as my thunder buddy stole my thunder.  In addition to the new shows a revival of Murphy Brown will be back on the air and none too soon as far as I am concerned.  Like Will & Grace, it was a brilliant show that was taken off the air way too soon.  Okay, it was one for like 10 years or something, but it was bloody brilliant and I am thrilled it’s coming back to us.  It appears that most of the original cast is returning.  (Two of them, Robert Pastorelli and Pat Corley, have died)  Charles Kimbrough will be back for what appears to be a three episode arc.  The man is 82 for crying out loud.  Our first new show then is


God Friended Me – I have to say that I already follow God on Twitter and he/she is absolutely fascinating.  I follow his/her kid too.  Here is a sample tweet from god:

So it goes without saying that it is entirely possible for the almighty to have a Facebook or an Arsebook account too.  That said, do I really want to watch this?  Seriously, we have had so many of these divine shows over the years and not one of them featured Divine.  Yes, Divine died a long time ago, but that never stopped Bernie or that old guy on the Weather Channel that died in 1992 and they kept him on the air until 2004 because they forgot to tell him.  You can guess what the show is about.  God friends a guy, guy saves people.  Miracles!  Smokey Robinson and the…Yes, Miracles!  Okay, I am getting silly.  I’m not watching this.  Chances of me watching?  What did I just say? (Premieres September 30th)


The Neighborhood – Cedric the Entertainer (See how that works? Cedric is entertaining, thus the name fits him well) stars as a guy that has the worst neighbors move in next to him; white people.  And not just any white people, really nice white people that are, quite frankly, annoying as hell.  Cedric doesn’t like them at all and neither did I.  If this show were about Cedric and his family I think it would be funny, but with Max Greenfield?  Um, no.  I will say that Beth Behrs is in it as well and astute readers know that I adore her and think she has sexy legs, but is that enough to make me watch?  It feels like a one joke show and I heard the joke in the preview.  Chances of me watching?  Actually about 20% or 10% per leg.  (Premieres October 1st)


Happy Together – Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night It’s only right To think about the girl you love And hold her tight So happy together…What?  This is not a song about 60’s pop band The Turtles?  Damn it!  This is an incredibly unfunny, on-joke show about a wealthy pop star that is not The Turtles.  No, his name is Cooper James and he moves in with his accountant and his wife or something along those lines.  Damon Wayans, Jr. was great on a fantastic show called Happy Endings (two happy shows for one guy?) that was canceled way too soon.  Unfortunately the reason he was so good on that show was because it was an ensemble.  This Happy show is not and he is out front and doing his thing.  A little Damon Wayans, Jr. goes a long way and it’s way too much.  Plus, it’s stupid.  What wealthy pop star is going to move in with his accountant?  Ridiculous.  Chances of me watching?  Seriously about 5% because I absolutely adore Amber Stevens West.  (Premieres October 1st)


Magnum P.I. – This is obviously a remake of the show with the same name that ran from 1980 – 1988.  Do you know that I have seen exactly one episode of the original show all the way through?  I have seen bits and pieces of episodes, but only once in my life did I sit and watch one entire episode and that’s because I was sick in bed and most TV’s did not have remotes back then.  Mine was one that did not.   Anyway if you were around in the 80’s you know this is the story of a urologist that solves crime in Hawaii.  What?  Sorry?  My apologies, I was thinking of a similar show called Magnum P.   No, this is about a private investigator living in Hawaii and I am guessing still in the home of the unseen Robin Masters, though I really do not know.  It co-stars another Happy Endings alum, Zachary Knighton, which really does not mean a thing other than I miss that show.  Anyway this was not the kind of thing I would have watched in the 80’s, but I am old now and it is required viewing.  Chances of me watching?  I’m old and I love Hawaii!  (Premieres September 24th)


FBI – If I seriously have to tell you what this show is about, then you have more problems than I can deal with right now.  It looks pretty good and was created by Dick Wolf, who was the guy behind the Law & Order franchise.  I liked Missy Peregrym on Reaper back in the day, so I will give the show a try.  Plus, I am old and it is required.  Chances of me watching?  95%. Okay, 100%.  (Premieres September 25th)

And that’s it kids.  I am flying back to merry old England in the morning.  We don’t burn perfectly good shoes there like you Americans.  Plus, this whole driving on the wrong side of the road drives me batty.

Thank you once again Sir Griffin.  Until next falls shows are ready to preview…




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