Posted by: lylescott89 | September 25, 2018

I Believe Her

Hey kids,

I have three stories for you today.  I have changed all of the names.  Please do not ask me for any real names or further details as I will not provide them.


It was a cold, snowy night and Pam was heading back to her dorm.  It was an unusually quiet night on campus.  Too cold for most kids to be out I guess.  She heard some sounds, but ignored them as she walked a little faster.  Without warning she was knocked over and attacked.  Someone was attacking her and she screamed.  While Pam was a rather petite woman, she was spunky and put up a fight.  She punched, she hit and she hurt him.  She got away.  She left her books on the ground and ran, terrified that he was chasing her.   She returned to her dorm safely.  Campus police were contacted and they filed a report.  Her books were found just where she had left them.  As she could not identify her attacker, there was little campus police could do.

The next morning the news of the attack began to spread like a virus.  I was sitting at breakfast with a group of guys from my dorm and they were laughing and joking.  They said things like “who would attack someone as ugly as Pam?” and they laughed harder.  Instead of sympathy, empathy or compassion, Pam received ridicule.  The RA in my dorm put up a sign up sheet asking for any guys willing to be there for any girls that wanted an escort after dark back to their dorms.  Only a few of us signed up.  I’m sure the sight of me, a six foot tall dork that weighed, at best, 150 lbs., was not the least bit intimidating to any would be attacker, but I signed up anyway.  It should be noted that each and every African-American student in my dorm signed up to help, while most of the privileged white kids chose to stay inside where it was warm.

Did Pam deserve what she had to put up with?  Absolutely not.


Connie was 17 and she made a really poor choice, but that does not excuse what she endured.  There was no reason a 17 year old girl should have been drinking alcohol at all, let alone at a college party.  I rarely attended parties in college, mostly because I hated them, but I was there for reasons I cannot recall.  I was bored and was sitting on a couch “enjoying” some New Coke and wondering who the hell had such a stupid idea in the first place.  Connie, along with several other high school girls were there and it was awkward.  I was speaking with one of Connie’s friends for a while and she was telling me how she wanted to be a nurse.  I hope she succeeded.  Still, I had to wonder what was going on that made 16 and 17 year old girls this desperate to consume alcohol.  Connie got to the completely loaded point and looked like she was going to throw up.  She flopped on the couch next to me and if I had to do it all over again, I would have picked her up and taken her home or, at the very least, gotten her out of there.  Instead, I just sat there like a lump.  Eventually I got up to get something to eat.  When I returned, Connie had disappeared.   I thought nothing of it.  Not long after that, a guy named Ralph appeared and was getting high fives and applause from the alleged guys.  In Ralph’s words he said “I banged the shit out of her”.  I quietly excused myself and went back to my dorm.  I felt like shit.

I saw Connie.  I was sitting next to Connie.  Connie could not have given her consent for Ralph to take her shoes off, let alone do what he did.  Ralph raped that girl and he got cheered for it.  And Connie?  I saw her once again in passing, but never again on campus.  To my knowledge Ralph never paid the price for what he did to her and wherever Connie is today I hope she is doing well.  I hope Ralph is lying in a gutter somewhere eating shit each morning for breakfast.


I had a huge crush on Hannah.  I finally had the nerve to ask her out and to my surprise she said yes.  I got myself dressed up fairly nicely, which was not typical for me, and I went to her home to pick her up.  As was the tradition at the time, she was not ready yet so I received the third degree from her father.  Turns out that he and I had a lot in common and we had a nice talk.  He told me that he thought it was great that I actually came to the door instead of just honking the horn and waiting in the car.  I chuckled because of course I would do that.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Hannah came out and she looked beautiful.  I could not believe I was getting this opportunity.  We left the house, I opened the car door and we went to dinner.  We had a nice time, but I could tell there was no spark.  She had no interest in me whatsoever.  (This story had a way of playing itself out over and over again)  We went to the movies and I could not decide if I should put my arm around her, so I tried to hold hands.  She was not interested.  We went out for ice cream afterwards and talked some more.  Again, there was nothing there.  As much as I liked this young woman, there was never going to be anything between us and I knew it.

I took her home and walked her to her front door.  With the slightest bit of hope I asked if we could see each other again.  She said that she had a nice time, but was not really interested in a relationship with me.  I said okay, wished her well and said goodnight.  I did not even get a kiss goodnight.

Why do I tell you this story?  Well, because I was 17 and I did not force myself on her or any other woman for that matter.  I did not just start kissing her.  I did not move on her like a bitch.  I did not grab her vagina.  And you know why?  Because I understood something called respect and self control.  So when I see a bunch of republicans telling the country that all boys at 16 or 17 do that, I know they are lying.  When I hear an alleged Christian telling me it’s okay that a man almost raped a woman, because he didn’t finish I am beyond disgusted.  And when I see people I know belittle and degrade women who have damaged by men who just do whatever the fuck they want, well, I have no use for you.

We have a serious problem in this country right now that goes beyond the foul stench from the White House.  We cannot accept sexual harassment of any kind and we cannot have these monsters in control any longer.  One moron said that if we judged every man by what he did to women in his teens then no man would be qualified for the Supreme Court.  Okay, well, I would be eligible, but better yet let’s have an all female court.


And now, once final note for the fuckwad that embarrases our nation not only on a daily basis, but at least once an hour.  I know who you really are.




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